Lindsay’s Favourite Children’s Albums

I am a huge music fan.  I love so many genres, including Children’s Music, which I enjoyed  even before I became a parent.  I’ve discovered quite a few musicians and albums that are so awesome, I listen to them even after the kids have gone to bed!  Here are my top Children’s Albums:

  • Helen Austin – Colour It:  I play this album almost every day, I love it so much!  It won the JUNO Award for Children’s Album of the year in 2014.  Helen Austin is a great singer and songwriter.  The songs on the album are fun and musically intricate.  Click here to listen to the full album!  You will love it!  And – fun fact – I saw Helen Austin perform at a little gathering on Vancouver Island in 2010.  I loved her style and bought another of her CDs(this one wasn’t made yet!).  So when I discovered this album recently I felt a special connection to it.


  • Seeds Family Worship: Another group I adore.  These guys take different Bible verses and set them to music that is fun and singable.  They have ten different albums.  When you buy one you get one free, always.  You can listen to their songs on their website.  It’s such a fantastic way to memorize scripture, for your kids and for you!  Shasta is already asking me, “Can we sing Philippians 4:6 and 7?”  They even have free Chord Charts and Memory Cards.  Seeds is a MUST for every home that loves Jesus.


  • Charlie Hope: This Juno award winning lady is great.  She has many albums that I’m currently checking out.  My favourite song of hers so far is “From You” which I’ve included on a playlist below.

Screenshot 2016-03-01 at 21.15.28

  • Little Songbirds: This group was recommended to me recently by a member of the IHOP(International House of Prayer) community.  As soon as I listened to one of the track samples on iTunes, I was sold.  It has a kind of Hawaiian Reggae feel to it and the main singer, Rachel Faagutu, has a rich and powerful voice.



  • JJ Heller – I Dream of You: JJ Heller is a wonderful Christian artist.  She has many albums, but this one is full of lullabies she’s written for her daughters.  It is perfect for the middle of the night when your baby doesn’t want to sleep.  I have listened to it so many times and I just love it.


  • Randall Goodgame and Andrew Peterson – Slugs, Bugs and Lullabies: This album was given to me by a friend when I was in university.  I thought it was super random that he gave it to me, but years later, the track “You Can Always Come Home” has become my anthem for my kids.  We sing it every night and the boys love it.  Shasta also loves the more upbeat “Tractor, Tractor” which is full of silliness.


  • Raffi – Millenium Collection: Raffi, of course, is a Canadian classic.  I listened to him when I was small and I still remember “Tingalayo” and “Like You and Me,” which are both on this album.  “Bananaphone” is so hilariously fun.  “It’s a song with a peel!”   Oh Raffi, you are so clever.



  • Putumayo Kids – All of the Playground CDs: Ahh, Putumayo is so great!  You’ve seen their CDs in the Ten Thousand Villages stores.  The albums they’ve made for kids are fantastic.  I have at different times owned the African Playground, Reggae Playground and Hawaiian Playground.  They’ve all been gifted to people as we’ve moved around.  I’ve learned that I need to buy music on iTunes or it just gets lost!  You MUST listen to Sing a Song, I’ve had it on repeat the last few days!


AAANNDD… I have decided to record an album of my favourite children’s music!  Here’s a link to my page if you’d like to support this project!

***If you pledge $20 or more you will be sent the album digitally when it’s all done.***

I’m really excited, as it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while.


I’ve made a YouTube playlist of samples from each album.  Have a listen!  I hope you’ve discovered some new music today, for you, your kids, or both!

Tell me your favourite kids’ album in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “Lindsay’s Favourite Children’s Albums

  1. sweetmaplephotography says:

    So exciting! I thought I was the only weirdo who loved children’s music. I’ve been meaning to make a personal book with all my favourite songs, so I never forget what I loved to sing to my kids.

    I can’t wait to hear your album!!


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