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The Beautiful Neighbourhoods of Florianópolis

Florianópolis, the city and island on which I currently live, is absolutely stunning.   Composed of several unique bairros(neighbourhoods), there is always somewhere interesting to explore, and in my case, photograph!  I’ve taken these photos over the last couple of years, and while it doesn’t cover everything, it’s a start.  I hope you enjoy, and are inspired to come and visit!

First of all, a map of Florianopolis:


Santo Antônio(close to Sambaqui):

I absolutely love Santo Antonio, with its Portuguese architecture, seafood restaurants right on the water, beautiful sunsets, and small town feel.




floripa lovely day (8 of 13)

Praia Mole:

One of the most popular beaches on the island, its name means “soft beach.”

july 2 praia mole

nov 11 praia mole (3 of 10)

Lagoinha do Norte:

Our friend Pepe has a beach house here that we spent a day at last year.  A beautiful spot.

april 25 2015 lagoinha

april 25 2015 lagoinha-5

Barra da Lagoa:

This colourful neighbourhood has a cute beach-town vibe.  There are lovely natural pools you can hike to and swim in(so much fun).  In the winter penguins migrate through.

apr 21 (3 of 20)


apr 21 (7 of 20)

apr 21 (6 of 20)

apr 21 (8 of 20)

apr 21 (11 of 20)

apr 21 (12 of 20)

apr 21 (13 of 20)

apr 21 (18 of 20)

apr 21 (20 of 20)


Riberão da lha:

Another sweet neighbourhood in the south of the island with more Portuguese architecture and is so quaint and quiet you almost feel as if you’ve gone back in time, or perhaps have been transported to Europe.  It’s absolutely lovely and I’m so glad we live close by.  A fabulous place to sit and watch the sunset.

april 6 naufragados (28 of 28)

april 30 riberao (7 of 15)

april 30 riberao (8 of 15)

april 30 riberao (9 of 15)

april 30 riberao (10 of 15)

april 30 riberao (11 of 15)

april 30 riberao (13 of 15)

april 30 riberao (14 of 15)


The southernmost beach of the island, it takes a 50 minute hike up and down the side of a mountain to reach it.  I recommend running shoes and not carrying small children.

april 6 naufragados (4 of 28)

april 6 naufragados (20 of 28)

april 6 naufragados (10 of 28)

april 6 naufragados (18 of 28)

april 6 naufragados (14 of 28)

april 6 naufragados (13 of 28)

april 6 naufragados (19 of 28)

Costa da Lagoa:

R$15 and a thirty minute boat ride will take you to Costa da Lagoa, where you can visit these lovely waterfalls:

march 18 cachoeira (7 of 30)

march 18 cachoeira (9 of 30)

march 18 cachoeira (30 of 30)


january 16-19 2016 (6 of 29)

january 16-19 2016 (14 of 29)

june 28 beach-27

jan 24 (3 of 8)


feb 6th island road trip-4

feb 6th island road trip-3


May 2 mocambique-12

feb 6th island road trip-2

2015 january 4 beach

feb 6th island road trip

march 13 2015 surfing-4

march 13 2015 surfing-2

South of the island:

march 3 2015 armacao-6

march 3 2015 armacao-5


dec 10 (14 of 23)

sept 7 armacao (12 of 12)

april 26 2015 armacao-3

april 26 2015 armacao-2

march 3 2015 armacao-2

march 3 2015 armacao-3

Corrego Grande:

The neighbourhood we lived in for a year upon our arrival.

march 19 2015_-3

oct 21 macaco! wm (1 of 1)


365 december-10


april 28 2015 owl walk-2


The neighbourhood I lived in on my first trip to Floripa in 2008.  It’s right in the middle of the island and is the best place to go for arts, culture, cute cafes and nightlife.  Not to mention sand dunes and a beautiful warm lagoon.

november 2014 blog-56

april 11 2015 sand dunes-2

april 11 2015 sand dunes-9

april 11 2015 sand dunes

Stay tuned for more!

neighbourhoods polaroid

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New Page: Life in Brazil

Oi!  I’ve published a new page called Life in Brazil, and you should check it out!  I wanted a special place to keep all of my Brazil posts organized, so this is it – hopefully it will help others to find what they are looking for more easily.  You can click here to see it or click on the link at the top of the page(if you’re on your computer).

In the near future I’m going to show you a bunch of pictures I’ve taken recently around the island, so stay tuned!

Até mais! (See you later!)

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Improvement + Creativity

Today I made a blog page for an old photography project called “The Most Important Thing.”  As I looked through the portraits I took, I was amazed at how much I have improved.  Back in 2012 I was proud of the photos I posted for the project.  But looking at it today I thought, “I can’t believe I thought these were good enough to share!  My portraits are so much better now!”  I’m really encouraged by this.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise – if you continually work at something for years and years, you are bound to get better.  But today I realized how far I have come, and how much I have learned – about how my camera works, lighting, posing, and editing, to name a few.

I’m still not 100% satisfied with most of the pictures I take.  It’s the perfectionist in me.  I want more.  I want to be better.  Quite honestly I want to be the best.  But that’s the thing with art – you can’t be the best.  You can only be YOUR best.  So I’m excited to keep learning, and keep improving.  I know that in four years time, I’ll probably look back on the photos I’m taking today and think, “Look how much I have improved since then!”

improvement collage

Can you see the difference??  Both of these shots were taken with the same camera and lens.

If you are just starting out with photography and feeling discouraged, or wishing you could be better – just keep at it!  You WILL get better if you stick with it.  I have taken one workshop in photography.  That is the only formal training I have – but I have read so much online and have just kept shooting.  I feel like I have so much to learn still – but now that makes me excited instead of apprehensive.

I have been learning lately to truly enjoy my creative pursuits, whether it be photography, music, or blogging.  It’s easy for me to get caught up in the comparison game.  I think, “I’m not as good as that person” or “This has already been done.”  But I have to go back to the real reason I create – it is because I love it.  It makes me feel good, and happy, to be creating and sharing my work with others.

My friend Sarah has been helping me with this.  I was so encouraged by her words:

Stop comparing yourself to others and remember the true reason why you are doing this.  Personally, I pursue this because it is my passion.  My focus is to create out of LOVE and NOT out of fear.

Here’s to creativity!

creativity blog pinterest buton


100 strangers (5 of 6) blog2

The 100 Strangers Project: Lagoa Craft Market

People are my favourite photography subjects.  There are so many interesting and beautiful human beings in the world and I can’t tell you the number of times I see someone on the street and think, “I would LOVE to take their picture.”

And so I begin this new project – The 100 Strangers Project.  I take pictures of people all the time for my work, but I really want to step outside my comfort zone and ask strangers if I can take their picture.  This is a challenge for me because I can be a bit shy sometimes and I get nervous that I will make people feel uncomfortable, or maybe I will feel awkward if someone says no.  But I want to conquer this fear!

Today I ventured to the weekend craft market in Lagoa, which is the adorable neighbourhood I lived in during my first trip to Brazil in 2008.  Located in the centre of the Florianópolis, it is the place to find crafts, culture, tourism, night life, and good food.  There is always something happening there, and I love the energy of the place.

I went there with my American friend Kaila, who speaks both English and Portuguese perfectly.  She was a big help to me when I was about to chicken out.  I photographed four people – I meant to do more, but I got hungry, and then it got dark, so I’ll have to go back another time!  It was really fun talking to the vendors about their crafts.  Creative people are usually very interesting!

Ready to meet my strangers?:)

This is Rosario, from Argentina, who travels, surfs and makes jewellery.  She spoke basic English so it was easy for me to explain my project and request a photo.  She agreed but told me I could only take ONE picture, so I had to make it count.  I love her dreads.

100 strangers (3 of 6)

This is Carolina, from Paraguay, dressed all in turquoise.  She spoke English well and was a lovely, lively lady.  She hugged us and thanked us for our energy as we left.

100 strangers (4 of 6)

The second I saw Renan I knew I wanted to photograph him – his afro was calling to me.  I was super nervous to do it, because we hadn’t spent any time talking to him at his stall, but Kaila did the talking, and he happily agreed.  I’m so glad she was there to give me that extra push!

100 strangers (6 of 6)

Lastly, Peter – I had met him before, and he is such a kind man.  He remembered that I had little kids and asked me how things were going.  He didn’t speak any English so I said my whole shpiel in Portuguese, and it worked!  I felt pretty proud of myself.

100 strangers (1 of 1)

I really enjoyed this experience and can’t wait to do it again.  I learn something new with every picture I take and I am positive this project will turn me into a better portrait photographer.

Check out my new blog page with all of my “strangers” (who aren’t really strangers any more!).  Let’s see if I can get to 100!!

As always I used my Nikon d300s camera with 50mm 1.4 lens at a 2.8 aperture for each photo.

Questions?  Comment below or contact me.

The Corner Room: Psalm Songs CD Review and Giveaway

psalm songs

Take a listen as you read:

Shortly after I posted about my favourite Children’s Music, I was contacted by Adam Wright of The Corner Room.  He told me about his album, “Psalm Songs”, which is a CD of ten psalms set to music.  He sent me his tracks and asked if I would review it.  I was thrilled because I love discovering new good music.  And this stuff is good.  I have listened to the album so many times since he sent it to me.  I absolutely love it.  Obviously the lyrics are meaningful, and the music is awesome.  They incorporate a variety of styles, tempos, and instruments into the album.  The singers’ voices are incredible and I love their use of harmonies.  I highly, highly recommend it for adults and children alike(I would say it is more of an adult album musically though).

From their website:

A new collection of ten musical settings of Psalms written verbatim from the ESV Bible, Psalm Songs provides a fresh and unique way for children, students, adults, pastors, congregations and others in ministry to know, sing, share and ultimately love the Word of God.  We challenge you to give these a listen and see if it doesn’t impact the way you view and interact with Scripture.  When we know and love God’s Word more deeply, we will know and love God more deeply.  Psalm Songs is a tool to help us make that connection.

The Corner Room is a ministry of Cahaba Park Church in Birmingham, AL.

Since Adam gifted me with the CD, I would like to “pay it forward” and gift someone, so here’s where the giveaway part comes in!  I want to help these musicians spread their songs far and wide.  If you would like to win Psalm Songs(redeemable on iTunes), share this blog post link on your favourite social media platform and comment below or contact me and say you want to enter.  If you don’t do social media, you can email a friend who you think would enjoy these wonderful Psalm Songs.  I’ll make the draw and announce the winner on April 15th 2016.


Check out their website:

Buy it on iTunes:






Pedro: Quatro Meses

Pedro is four months old now and is getting so cute and chubby!  Or as Brazilians would say, “fofo”(fluffy)!  I loved seeing him and his family again.  His expressions are so precious.  You can see his one month pictures here, or his parents’ maternity sessions here and here.  Enjoy!




















Photography tip: achieve natural smiles from your clients by standing on their bed and nearly being decapitated by their ceiling fan.



All photos taken with a Nikon D300s with a 50mm 1.4 lens.


Are you interested in a photo shoot?  Contact me.  Check out my portfolio here.

Você está interessado em fazer uma seção de fotos?  Contate-me.  Olha para meu portfolio aqui.

anderson (2 of 11)

Anderson Family + Editing Video

How gorgeous is this family??  Raphaela is Brazilian, Aaron is American, and their baby Orion is so cute he’s almost edible.  I met them through the Facebook group “Gringos in Floripa” about a month or two ago.  We had a great time at Praia Campeche, and then took a few more photos at my house.  Taking pictures of beautiful people in beautiful places is pretty much my favourite thing ever.  Click photos to enter slideshow, and enjoy!  There’s also a video below of how I edited one of the photos.

All photos taken with a Nikon D300s with a 50mm 1.4 lens.


Are you interested in a photo shoot?  Contact me.  Check out my portfolio here.

Você está interessado em fazer uma seção de fotos?  Contate-me.  Olha para meu portfolio aqui.


Watch the video below to see how I edited this adorable photo of Orion:

Do you have a photography question?  Ask here and I’ll try to answer it for you.