[Music] Top Canadian Sounds 2016

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Happy belated Canada Day to my fellow Canadians!!!  To celebrate I’m sharing my favourite current Canadian musicians with you.  I am a forever fan of Joni Mitchell, Michael Buble, and the Barenaked Ladies, but these lesser-known artists and groups deserve a listen.

  1. Folk/Bluegrass/Harmonies: The Good Lovelies are one of my all time favourite groups.  I love their use of instruments and harmonies.  Plus they seem like really cool people.  They won a Juno award for Roots and Traditional Album(Group). GoodLovelies.png
  2. Folk/Soothing: Jon Bryant is my friend Candace’s brother in law, which is how I found out about him.  I love his voice, songs and style.    jon-bryant
  3. Folk/Fun: David Myles is a Mount Allison Alumni(so obviously we share a special connection).  His songs are just lovely.   David_Myles_Riley_Smith-MG3-websize-copy-1024x683
  4. Folk/Children’s: Helen Austin/Big Little Lions I mentioned Helen in my post on Children’s Music – she played at a small event on Vancouver Island when Nuni and I were there in 2010.  Then this year I found out she is a JUNO award winner for her Children’s CD, Colour It.  I bought it and the kids and I love it.  She is also in a band called Big Little Lions and they are great too.  bll
  5. Female A Capella: Chic Gamine is a group I heard on an episode of the Vinyl Cafe and immediately I was blown away.  We bought their self-titled album on iTunes and Nuni and I love it. chic gamine
  6. Male A Capella: Cadence – oh how I love thee!!  I saw a show of theirs at university years ago, and absolutely fell in love.  I enjoy everything they create.  They are so fun and talented.cadence
  7. Country: Meaghen Blanchard is a very talented lady I went to university with.  I remember watching her perform at a university event and approaching her afterwards.  I told her if she ever made a CD, I wanted it.  Well, now she’s made three albums and is an accomplished artist.  She’s also won multiple East Coast Music Awards.  Her first album is my favourite, and my favourite songs are “Mothers”, “Mazie”, and “Great Big City”.  meaghen
  8. Jazz/Swing: The Brothers Arntzen is a wonderful duo/group that I saw performing at a swing night in Vancouver in 2013.  They have an amazing sound.  So great to see this kind of music alive and well! bros.jpg

Here is a playlist I made with one or two songs of every artist mentioned!  Enjoy!

Those are my current favs but I am always on the lookout for new ones!  Who are your favourites?

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3 thoughts on “[Music] Top Canadian Sounds 2016

  1. Mary says:

    This is great! I was starting to get to the end of the music I usually listen to, and I wasn’t sure how to find new artists. Now I’ve got a playlist for my summer 🙂


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