“You Are Amazing” Album Update!

Hello hello hello! I’m back on the blog! I’ve been so busy(in a good way) with various projects, namely recording the Children’s Album, and today I have a little update for you!

I finished recording in November with my producer, Matheus Souto. We worked together for about 4 months, recording all of the vocal and instrumental tracks; guitar, piano, percussion, melodica, and more! It was an amazing experience.

I hired the illustratorĀ Wallok to create the album cover, which I absolutely love:

Now Matheus is mixing the album and getting it all ready to send out into the world, and I am working on the marketing/website building part, which I’m also enjoying a lot. I held two live mini-concerts this past month, one on Instagram, and one on Facebook. I sang three of the songs from the album and received a lot of positive feedback. (You can still watch it on my Facebook page!)

Here’s a video of the song “Mr. Sun” that the boys and I recorded this past weekend. It’s pretty cute!

I haven’t quite figured out the future of this blog yet, so please keep in touch on Facebook or Instagram! Soon I’ll be working on a new website, which may have a blog portion focused on music, self-love and self-confidence for children and other humans. I’ll let you know when it’s ready!

Peace, Love and Harmonies,

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