The Corner Room: Psalm Songs CD Review and Giveaway

psalm songs

Take a listen as you read:

Shortly after I posted about my favourite Children’s Music, I was contacted by Adam Wright of The Corner Room.  He told me about his album, “Psalm Songs”, which is a CD of ten psalms set to music.  He sent me his tracks and asked if I would review it.  I was thrilled because I love discovering new good music.  And this stuff is good.  I have listened to the album so many times since he sent it to me.  I absolutely love it.  Obviously the lyrics are meaningful, and the music is awesome.  They incorporate a variety of styles, tempos, and instruments into the album.  The singers’ voices are incredible and I love their use of harmonies.  I highly, highly recommend it for adults and children alike(I would say it is more of an adult album musically though).

From their website:

A new collection of ten musical settings of Psalms written verbatim from the ESV Bible, Psalm Songs provides a fresh and unique way for children, students, adults, pastors, congregations and others in ministry to know, sing, share and ultimately love the Word of God.  We challenge you to give these a listen and see if it doesn’t impact the way you view and interact with Scripture.  When we know and love God’s Word more deeply, we will know and love God more deeply.  Psalm Songs is a tool to help us make that connection.

The Corner Room is a ministry of Cahaba Park Church in Birmingham, AL.

Since Adam gifted me with the CD, I would like to “pay it forward” and gift someone, so here’s where the giveaway part comes in!  I want to help these musicians spread their songs far and wide.  If you would like to win Psalm Songs(redeemable on iTunes), share this blog post link on your favourite social media platform and comment below or contact me and say you want to enter.  If you don’t do social media, you can email a friend who you think would enjoy these wonderful Psalm Songs.  I’ll make the draw and announce the winner on April 15th 2016.


Check out their website:

Buy it on iTunes:






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