[Personal] Rainbow Christianity

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Until this moment, I’ve stayed quiet about this controversial topic.  I feel like it’s been bubbling inside of me for years and years, and in light of recent events, I know it’s time to say something.

I grew up attending the United Church of Canada. Though I don’t recall it being mentioned in a sermon or in Sunday School, I remember that the congregation as a whole did not discriminate against homosexuality.

I have relatives who are gay, and my family has loved, supported and treated them as we do our relatives who are not gay. In fact, my grandfather, a retired minister, has been an influential advocate of rights for people who are LGBTQ, even receiving the Order of Canada award in 2004 for his efforts.

I am so, so glad I was brought up in a church and in a family that treated people equally, regardless of who they love, because that is what laid the foundation for my opinion on this matter.

My first encounter with Christians who strongly opposed homosexuality happened at an InterVarsity Christian retreat during my university years. I must have brought up the topic in conversation with someone and they suggested I talk to a leader about it. I don’t remember the details of the conversation, only that my arguments were considered invalid. Homosexuality was a sin, end of story. I wasn’t convinced, but I was sad.

I encountered the same views in the following years at university, during my time as a missionary, in personal relationships and in various churches. I deeply considered what the Bible said about it. It never felt right, and I never adopted the belief of homosexuality as a sin. But I went silent whenever the topic came up, and hoped the conversation would change quickly. I suppose I was afraid people would think I wasn’t a “good Christian”. I also tend to avoid confrontation, and I don’t enjoy debating with people whose minds are made up.

I love Jesus, I love the Bible, and I do not believe that being LGBTQ is a sin. I have a number of arguments for my belief, (which I would be happy to have a respectful discussion about), but the primary one is that I believe love is good, whether you are a man who loves a woman, a man who loves a man, a woman who loves a man, a woman who loves a woman, or anything in between.

In researching for this blog post I found an amazing article and video that you MUST watch if you are a Christian struggling with what the Bible says about homosexuality.  It might just change your mind.  Here’s the article: God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same Sex-Sex Relationships.

I know I’m not alone. Let’s speak out and hopefully encourage healing for our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. If you agree with me, please share this post or write your own message of love and support.  We can use our voices to change the attitudes of others and hopefully shine some light in this troubled world.

love is love

Dear Ones who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans or Queer:

You are amazing.  You are beautiful.  You are wonderful as you are.  You don’t need to change, you only need to be yourself.  Celebrate the things you love and what makes you YOU.  I love you, I accept you, I support you, I cheer you on.  God loves you, He accepts you, supports you, and cheers you on.  Now press play below and rock out to this song.


I do encourage respectful discussion about this topic.  Hurtful comments will not be approved or allowed on this blog.  Feel free to contact me personally.

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8 thoughts on “[Personal] Rainbow Christianity

  1. K & T says:

    Hmm, I knew via Kathryn that you have family members who are gay – as do I – so I wondered where you stood on the matter, which is hard to have a “discussion about… but not about whether homosexuality is right or wrong.” (hopefully I make it past your moderation!). None of the biblical passages that deal with judgement are easy to swallow, although it seems easier to accept that “thieves, the greedy, drunkards, revilers, swindlers” etc. (1 Corinthians 6:9-11) deserve condemnation than that men – why just men? – who practice homosexuality do.

    I can understand from an evolutionary/biological point of view that homosexuality represents a departure from the natural order (since it has an effect contrary to reproduction) and that it also departs from the biblically ordained order for a man and woman to become one flesh and be fruitful (multiply), not that many Christians opt for heterosexual relations merely out of a desire to produce babies.

    I’ve always felt like homosexuality seems a bit misplaced in the biblical lists like the one I referred to above… unless I’m missing some cultural context, which the videos you’ve referred to would probably help with (I can’t watch them at this moment). My heart/gut sees “Love is Love” and intuitively agrees, but I guess the question is: can I rely on that? I would also love for God to be merciful and grant heaven/eternal life to all “good people”, but I have no Biblical ground to stand on that supports that view.

    Ultimately I understand the greatest command is to love God – the evidence of which is obedience – and then love others. Until I’m certain that homosexuality is not a barrier to salvation I feel like I’m happy to love gay people as much as anyone else (e.g. by welcoming them, being kind, ensuring they have their basic survival needs met insofar as I’m able) but I tend to stop short of fully endorsing it as perfectly equivalent to heterosexual marriage. That won’t stop me from attending my sister’s marriage to her (female) partner next summer and celebrating with her. I love my sister, and as far as I can tell her and partner love each other as well as any couple I’ve known.

    Thanks for the candid post. I’ll be sure to check out the videos later on.



  2. Lindsay says:

    Tim, thanks for your respectful thoughts. I definitely understand your point of view. Recently I have been searching myself – putting all of my teachings aside, Christian or otherwise – and asking myself what do “I” believe(about this subject and others). It’s been really hard to do that. But it’s been interesting and helpful for me to have these conversations with myself. There are a few other things in the Bible that I can’t agree with either, and I’m okay with that.


  3. Eldon HAY says:

    A clear and courageous statement, dear Lindsay. Of course, I also think it is true. But coming out from a previously held view (or even the current cultural one) takes time. I’ve been out for over 25 years, but it didn’t happen all at once. And, particularly at the beginning – at least in my experience – many persons, Christian persons – disagreed with and were very critical – dismissive and hostile.. It takes time and patience and support (from whatever source) to hold fast. Bless you!


  4. Mary says:

    Hi Lindsay, I’ve been eagerly waiting to get back south into the land of internet so I could read this post of yours. It’s personally important to me for more than one reason, so thank you for your loving and beautiful words. I think we’re living in a time when God is working a beautiful transformation in the attitudes of Christians and the church, and it’s something truly worth celebrating.


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