[Personal] Shasta is four and he is hilarious.

Our sweet, silly Shasta is FOUR!  If you have had the pleasure of meeting him, especially in the last year or two, you know how special he is.  He has said a LOT of hilarious, cute, and inappropriate things this past year and to celebrate this wonderful boy I’m sharing a few gems with you.  You’re welcome.



Shasta Q4







Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 9.45.34 PM

Shasta Q11









A few more:

S: What’s that mommy?
Me: It’s a tampon.
S: For the mommy boo boo?
Me: Yes.
S: It’s not a cookie?
Me: No, it’s not a cookie.
Thank you mom. You’re so helpful.
Can you be the hurt lady and I’ll be the sad doctor?
Me: I’m sorry for being in a bad mood.  I’m just in a funk and I need to snap out of it.
Shasta: Is it an uptown funk?
I used to play with it a lot when I was a kid. 
I’m not happy because I’m sad. 
This hexagon has a lot of mass. 
I can hardly wait to hear what he’ll say as a four year old.  Thank you Shasta for helping me to become a better person, for being yourself, and for making me smile every day.  You are a blessing to everyone you meet!
Thank you for my birthday party, Mom!

shasta party (1 of 3)

shasta party (2 of 3)

shasta party (3 of 3)


4 thoughts on “[Personal] Shasta is four and he is hilarious.

  1. Sarah bokhout says:

    This is the best Lindsay. I laughed all through the Shasta quotes. Big hugs to you all and a special one for sweet Shasta.


  2. Stephanie Donnelly says:

    “I like to go upstairs with ladies” – I have no idea what this is about, I think it’s funnier that way. What a kid! I love this post. xoxx


  3. Helena McShane says:

    I’ve just read these, Lindsay! They are wonderful! Happy birthday belatedly to a quirky, adorable boy!
    One of these days, I’d love for him to meet my goofy grandkids…..


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