[Photography] Lindsay’s Top Photography Tutorials

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As a self-taught photographer, I am so grateful for the internet!  I have learned so much from different websites and tutorials that other photographers have freely shared.  I’ve put together a list of resources that have been super helpful for me.  I’ve included articles about editing, posing, knowing your camera, and photo storage, among others.  I hope you find them as useful as I have!

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Top Nine Tutorials/Videos(and one of my own at the end)

  1. 51 Ways To Get People To Smile For a Photo from Photography Concentrate
  2. Video: How to take Headshots by Peter Hurley
  3. Yes, You Are Photogenic: How to Look Your Best in Photos by Studio5
  4. Take Great Photos of Your Newborn Baby by It’s Always Autumn
  5. 9 Tips for a Perfect Portrait Background by Envato Tuts
  6. How to Photograph Strangers When We Travel by Matador Network
  7. 4 Tips for Beginner DSLR Users by Shrimp Salad Circus
  8. Which Photo Storage App is Right For You? by CNET
  9. How to Create the Popular Matte Look in Lightroom by Trevor Dayley
  10. Lindsay’s Girl’s Night Workshop: How to Take Better Pictures and Look Good in Pictures by Lindsay Land

Click here or on the image below to watch my free Lightroom Editing Tutorials.

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My favourite photography websites are:

  1. Photography Concentrate: Lauren and Rob Lim are amazing.  They live in Alberta, have two little boys the same ages as mine, and take beautiful pictures.  They have oodles of free resources on their website as well as tutorials to purchase.  They are funny, knowledgable, personal, and I think we would be great friends if we lived in the same neighbourhood.
  2. Click it Up a Notch: A great site especially for parents looking to capture high quality images of their family. Courtney Slaznik does a fabulous job.
  3. I Heart Faces: Another fantastic site with free tutorials and photo challenges, focusing on portrait photography.
  4. Fat Mum Slim: Chantelle has monthly photo challenges that have really helped me to think outside the box and commit to taking photos every day.  She is fun, real and takes great photos with her phone.  I recommend following her on Facebook or Instagram.

You can watch other videos that I have found helpful on My Photography YouTube playlist.

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I also love Pinterest.  If I want to learn about a certain topic or get pose ideas for a photo shoot, I look through my boards of photography inspiration.

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Where do you go to learn about photography or get inspiration?


I offer consulting services for beginner/intermediate photographers.  Do you have questions about photography?  Want some advice on your portfolio?  Have specific questions about how I work and get my shots?  Let’s talk.  Contact me and we can get started.

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2 thoughts on “[Photography] Lindsay’s Top Photography Tutorials

  1. eldonhay says:

    Dear Lindsay, I affirm the care and persistence and attention to detail. – great!
    I had a little difficulty hearing you, likely my computer and/or my ears!
    Blessings and love, Grampa


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