[Photography] The 100 Strangers Project: Alexandra

alexandra may 19 (1 of 3)


Alexandra is the ninth “stranger” I have photographed.  Our little session took place a couple of weeks ago while I was waiting for my bus to go meet a friend.  I was waiting for my bus when I saw her sitting on a bench.  I immediately knew that I wanted to take her picture, but I was nervous.  I was by myself with no one to encourage me but my own inner voice, and we were in a crowded bus station.  I first considered the safety aspect of it(I have had two cameras stolen in the past) and then the comfort level for her – I probably wouldn’t want to have my photograph taken in a public place full of people I didn’t know.  But I knew I would regret it if I didn’t at least ask.  So after quite a few moments of walking around building up courage, I approached her.  I said, in Portuguese, “Hi, how are you?  I just wanted to tell you that you have beautiful eyes!  I’m a photographer, and I’m doing a personal project of photographing people I don’t know.  I noticed you and I would like to take your photo, if you want!”  At first she was taken aback – I think she was pleased about it but also very shy about having her photo taken.  She hmmed and hawed about it for a while.  I kept telling her she didn’t have to, there was no pressure, but in the end she agreed.  Three quick snaps and we were done.  I am so glad I did it, because I absolutely love the photo.  For being nervous she did a great job of looking confident and relaxed.  I felt empowered afterwards and proud of myself for stepping outside of my comfort zone.  I am loving this project!  I can’t wait for the next stranger!

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6 thoughts on “[Photography] The 100 Strangers Project: Alexandra

  1. eldonhay says:

    Great courage in going outside your comfort zone, Lindsay! Alexandra’s eyes are marvelous. I checked over some of the others, I love that old face from South Africa, I think!
    Love and blessings, always, Grampa Eldon


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