Chega de Saudade

Hello hello!  It has been a while!  But here we are, it’s Valentine’s Day, and I am using that as an excuse(not that I really need one) to post a video of my favourite Brazilian love song, Chega de Saudade.  (Saudade is a word we don’t have in English… it means that you miss someone intensely.  So Chega = enough de = of Saudade = missing you like crazy!) My lovely friend Annelise introduced it to me seven years ago after I visited Brazil for the first time.  Written by Tom Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes, the forefathers of Brazilian musical genre bossa nova, it perfectly describes how I felt when Nuni and I entered “The Great Agony” – a period of five months before we started dating in which we ceased all communication with each other.  I have always meant to share the whole story on here… someday.  It’s a long, wonderful story! But for now, here’s a little Valentine’s gift from me to you all the way from Brazil. 🙂

Here’s my translation:

Go away sadness
and tell him that without him it cannot be
I pray that he returns
because I can’t suffer anymore

Enough missing you
the reality is that without him
there is no peace, there is no beauty
there’s just sadness and melancholy
that doesn’t leave me alone
doesn’t leave me

But if he returns, if he returns,
what a beautiful thing, what a crazy thing
there are fewer fish swimming in the sea
than the kisses I will give on your mouth

Inside my arms, the embraces
there will be millions of embraces
tight like this, close like this, silent like this
embraces and kisses that never end

Let’s stop this thing of living without me
Let’s leave this thing of living without me


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