The Golden Circle

alaska trip-23

Hello all – finally I’ve found some time to share my Alaska trip pictures with you! My aunt Heather and uncle Bill came up from Vancouver to do some exploring and Shasta and I joined them for part of their journey. We did the “Golden Circle” – a loop that goes from Whitehorse -> Skagway -> Haines -> Haines Junction -> Whitehorse. I’d never done it before and was thrilled to have the opportunity before we left the Yukon. It was a really fun trip – my only disappointment was that it was cloudy the whole time we were in Alaska, and I really wanted to see the mountains in their full glory. However, we made the best of it and really enjoyed spending time together.  Without further ado, here are some photos!  Click on photos to enter gallery.


5 thoughts on “The Golden Circle

  1. Helena McShane says:

    Such beautiful photos, Lindsay! We did a variation of this trip years ago with the boys, after a visit to Dawson. It was spectacular. Your photos bring back those lovely memories. I’m loving your aunt and uncle- such warm, generous people! I’m sure they’ve been a blessing in your life. Xoxoxo


  2. Allie Tu. says:

    what a wonderful way to say “‘Til we meet again” to the north! 🙂 and thanks for the pics; your baby bump is so cute, and I really liked the photos of Shasta on the stairs, laughing, and flowers!


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