Becca [205/365]

I just met Becca a few weeks ago, but already she is one of my favourite people in Watson Lake.  Aside from being drop dead gorgeous, she is incredibly sweet, kind and gentle.  From Kelowna, she is part of a team that comes up to lead the Bible Camp here every summer.  This year she and her boyfriend Davy(also a wonderful person) decided to stay the rest of the summer and hang out with the youth.  Nuni and I have so enjoyed getting to know them and hanging out.  Tonight Becca and I went out and had some fun with our cameras.  She is a photographer herself so she did some maternity photos of me… I will have to share those when I get them! 🙂  She’s such a natural model and we had a great evening together.  Thanks Becca!








365.205 july 25 BECCA-7


One thought on “Becca [205/365]

  1. Allie Tu. says:

    incredible photos, Linz, and it seems like Becca’s full of light & life. just beautiful! I can’t wait to see some of those maternity shots she took of you! 🙂


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