153 – 157/365

Hello everyone!  I had a really busy week last week, hence the lack of posting.  Shasta and I went to Whitehorse on Tuesday for some appointments and shopping, and came back on Thursday.  We stayed with our friends Peter and Abbie and their son Benji and we had a fabulous time with them.  Then on Friday I went to a Women’s Retreat near Atlin for the weekend, which was just amazing!  It was my first time away from Shasta for more than a day since he was born!  So it was a much needed break.  I loved not having to plan, cook, or clean up after any meals!  I got to sleep in!  Do whatever the heck I wanted!  The best part of course was meeting and talking to and laughing with other ladies.  There were some pretty special ones!  So here are some shots from the week:

Shasta just LOVED the wagon!

Shasta just LOVED the wagon!

He loved Benji's trucks

He loved Benji’s trucks

On Wednesday I had an ultrasound and I found out that we are having another boy!  I am just thrilled that Shasta will have a brother to be crazy with.

20 weeks - halfway there!

20 weeks – halfway there!

On the drive home:




My favourite mountain

These are the only pictures I took at the retreat.  I loved this mountain on the lake!  It was ginormous!



They had a little photo booth there:


I definitely missed a couple of days… I’ll try to make up for it this week 🙂


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