101, 102, & 103/365

Saturday was a beautiful, warm day, perfect for the Snow-Pitch tournament going on.  Nuni, Shasta and I took a walk there to grab some lunch and visit with friends.  It was pretty fun to watch people trying to run from base to base in the snow, or to dive for the ball.  A lot of falling happened.



I also wanted to show how the snow melting is progressing:


Look!  You can see the porch!

Slowly, but surely!  Actually, as of today(Tuesday) most of the snow is off the roof.  The icicles are no more.


Also we had fun watching this squirrel eat sunflower seeds:


I took a selfie with the iPod on Sunday.  I wanted to show off my earrings.  Six weeks ago I got my ears pierced for the very first time ever, and it was mostly due to wanting to wear these peacock feather earrings that I bought in Brazil.  I love them.



Yesterday I realized I hadn’t taken any photos with my camera, so just before I went to bed I snapped this photo with the iPod and applied some filters to it.



I will leave you with this video of Shasta who learned a new word combination on Sunday.



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