90, 91 & 92/365

Accountability is a powerful thing.  I had just convinced myself that “if I miss a day or two of my Project365, no one is going to care.”  I shared these feelings with my parents and they said, “We care!  We missed Lindsay Land today!”  So on I go.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a variety of subjects when you do the same things every day… but spring is on its way and soon the world will look totally different.  Let’s hope that helps.

Here are a few from the last three days.  I am not particularly proud of any of them but at least I took some shots and am sticking with the project!



I just like how you can see the snow falling... very peaceful.

I just like how you can see the snow falling… it’s very peaceful.

This is his "I want trucks!" face.

This is his “I want trucks!” face.


3 thoughts on “90, 91 & 92/365

  1. Allie says:

    I love the tranquility of the first two… and the contrast of Shasta’s expression with those! 🙂
    thanks for continuing to share your world with us through these gorgeous photographs, Linz. I’m proud of you for continuing & hope that it (and springtime!) brings much joy to you… but no pressure to continue if it’s draining you of your daily joys. love!


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