Good day to you!  It is a beautiful sunny day here in Watson Lake and I am actually looking forward to going outside again with Shasta when he wakes up from his nap.  It’s Kiki Karnival at the Rec Centre, so we headed over to meet with friends this morning.  There is a great kids’ room there with tons of toys, including a slide which Shasta loves to climb on.  We also participated in some children’s activities that were being held nearby, and Shasta had a lot of fun running around and being crazy, which is so important for him!  Toddlers are like puppies.  They need a lot of exercise or else they’ll be even more bonkers than normal.  Which is why I am looking forward to spring, so we can be outside much more!  Oh, that reminds me of this:

toddlerCouldn’t have put it better myself!  Anyways, while at the Rec Centre I was following Shasta around on his explorations and I spotted this cash register, conveniently located right in a patch of light.  I did not move it into this light, it was just there, and I knew Shasta would want to check it out, so I got ready… and bam!


Nikon D300s || 40mm || ISO 800 || f 2.8 || 1/5000

I think it’s very cool.  And you know what is also cool?  This picture is SOOC(straight out of camera), 100% unedited!  That is very, very rare for me to be happy with an image like that.

LIGHT IS SO AWESOME!!  And it’s getting brighter and brighter every day… a month ago, it was still pitch black at 8am, and now I can see signs of morning at 7am.  Hallelujah.

Nikon D300s || 40mm || ISO 800 || f 2.8 || 1/ 1250

Nikon D300s || 40mm || ISO 800 || f 2.8 || 1/ 1250

And just in case you’d like to see a “Geared Up” photo, which was today’s theme:

Nikon D300s || 40mm || ISO 400 || f 2.8 || 1/1600

Nikon D300s || 40mm || ISO 400 || f 2.8 || 1/1600

See y’all tomorrow 🙂


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