I got a new lens two days ago, the Nikkor 40mm close up lens!  It has been so long since I had a new lens to play with so I’ve been having a lot of fun.  Taking close-up shots is something I have really missed.  I’m excited to incorporate it into portrait photography.

It’s dark here in the Yukon.  We get daylight from about 9:30am til 4:00pm.  It’ll be getting a little bit lighter every day now, thank goodness, but I was realizing today how much I miss light streaming in the windows, creating interesting shadows and a brighter mood.  It is hard to get good indoor pictures without a lot of natural light.  I suppose I could go outside, but it was around -28 today so I didn’t even take my slippers off.  I literally stayed inside the whole day.  I’m okay with that.  Winter is a time of hibernation for some creatures… including me from time to time!

Anyways, today’s shot combines the use of my new lens and the little available natural light we had today.  It’s one of my teapots, the one I use the most(I collect teapots).  I love the lid’s intricate designs.



Also, we made a chocolate loaf for our neighbours, who ploughed our driveway last week out of the goodness of their hearts.  It was Nuni’s idea to decorate it:

It's a brand new toy, promise… but Shasta did want to play with it!

It’s a brand new toy, promise… but Shasta did want to play with it!

This picture was taken before I sprinkled some icing sugar all over the top… I’m kicking myself now for not taking another one!  It looked pretty cool 🙂


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