New year, new project!  I am going to attempt to do my first “Project 365,” which means I’ll be taking one(though probably more) photo a day, and posting the results here and on my Facebook photography page.  I may post daily sometimes, and maybe sometimes weekly… I’m already a pretty busy lady so I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself!  Anyways, I anticipate that it will be a year of growth and learning with photography!  I’m excited!  There are certain themes that some people use to help them complete a Project 365, but I’m gonna just try to capture life as I see it.  You’ll probably see a lot of Shasta,  a lot of Lucy, and a lot of snow.  Hopefully a lot of creativity too though.

So here we go, day 1!  It was a good day.  I have a few shots that I really like but I guess I have to pick one “official” one:


Bee boots.  He is constantly wearing one of his four pairs of boots.  Sometimes he’ll change them every couple of minutes.  It’s a bit of work but hey, he likes it.  And he’s just so darn cute.

and the runners up:





he calls his boots "ma boo"

he calls his boots “ma boo”


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