Christmas 2013

For not having many plans and no external family to celebrate with, I was anticipating a rather low-key Christmas day.  So a couple of weeks ago I started thinking about what we could do as a family to make the day special.  It didn’t hit me until today though when I realized: the fact that we were celebrating our first Christmas together, on our own, as a new family, was already very special and momentous.  Last year we spent Christmas at my parents’ place in Ontario, which was wonderful.   It was Shasta’s first Christmas and he got to meet and spend time with a lot of relatives.  But this Christmas was different… we didn’t get together with any family this year because my parents are taking us to Mexico in March(yahoo!).  It was just the three of us, and quite honestly it was just as wonderful in its own way.  We had a very fun, relaxing Christmas day and I loved it.  Here’s the evidence: (click images to enlarge)



3 thoughts on “Christmas 2013

  1. Eldon Hay says:

    Thanks for this. Very wonderful to have a quiet Christmas, it has its own wonder, if we can see and appreciate it.
    I affirm the photo taking. One way to remember.
    Another is writing. I’m thinking of that process. Here it is recall, remember and ponder.
    Another is speaking, into a tape, Some of our memories are remembered that way.
    (I read your words, Lindsay, I see the fine photos; I also had the privilege of hearing your father talk about Skype-communicating with you, Shasta, Nuni)
    To enjoy the small moments, apparently mundane, awakened to a quiet joy!
    Blessings, Grampa


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