New Year’s Resolution Update

Hello all!  I just finished reading an article by my friend Emily T. Wierenga on loving ourselves called “The reason society doesn’t encourage women to love themselves.” (and as a side note, I took the picture that went with it, at her sister’s wedding!) It reminded me of my New Year’s Resolution, which is to love myself (more specifically, the way I look).  I feel like I’ve made progress: I no longer worry about losing weight, or wish I was skinnier – whenever one of those thoughts creeps into my mind, I just tell it, “no, that’s not true, I am beautiful just the way I am.”  The more I tell myself, the less I think those thoughts.  There is power in positive thinking!  I’m also believing more and more that true beauty comes from inside.  I know so many BEAUTIFUL, wonderful women who might not make the cover of Cosmo, but I don’t love them any less because of that. (not that the women on the cover of Cosmo are real anyways!)  I have to believe, and I do believe, that people view me the same way – I’m awesome because of who I am, not because of what I look like.

I’ve posted this video on facebook and sent it to a few people through email, but I’m going to share it here just in case you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this.  It is something everyone needs to watch!

And just for fun, here’s a fabulous mother’s day video from Kid President, who I adore:

Okay bye!


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