ten amazing years

My friend Lesley from By the Porchlight posted a couple of days ago about the last decade of her life, noting that 2013 is the year of her ten year high school reunion.  I don’t know if my high school is having any sort of reunion, but I thought it would be a good idea to take a walk down memory lane, and so with her permission I’m copying it.  This has taken me a few days to write and compile, and I have had SO MUCH FUN doing it.  It is amazing to see what can happen in ten years.  I have had so many fun, happy adventures, as well as some not so happy times.  So here, in a nutshell, are the major events of the last decade.


  • graduated from Central Huron Secondary School
  • started university at Mount Allison University in Sackville, NB – LOVED every minute of social life, finding academic work a little difficult, but getting by!
  • made wonderful, life long friends.  Loved my residence, Hunton.  Got along famously with my roommate, Mandy, from day 1.
  • enjoyed getting to know my grandparents more, who lived in my university town(this was an on-going thing!)


  • year 1-2 of MTA: still in Hunton residence, had a Japanese roommate, Yoshi
  • decided I would do a triple minor in Music, Psychology, and Geography
  • worked at Camp Bimini in the summer as the program director – so much fun!
  • loved swing dancing, performed a few times


  • year 2-3 at MTA: moved into the Clarence St. House with four lovely ladies.  We called ourselves the Merlin Mews
  • worked at Camp Bimini in the summer again – my final year there
  • was a swing dancing instructor


  • year 3-4 at MTA: lived in the Mews again.  I have so, so many fond memories of that time.
  • traveled to England for the summer with Lara!  We worked at a restaurant called The Fat Dog.  I was a bartender.  Hilarious, as I knew nothing about alcohol.  We also took trips to Paris and Spain that summer.
  • started dating a guy I thought I’d marry
  • had my heart broken by that guy 8 months later


  • stopped crying over the boyfriend
  • shaved my head!
  • lead swing for the final year
  • graduated from university – bittersweet.  I made the Dean’s list for the first time.  I was proud of this, as I never felt like I was as smart as my peers
  • went to Dawson City, Yukon for the summer to work at the Westmark Hotel with my friends Kyle and Steph.  
  • went to Orlando, Florida, to take part in a Discipleship Training School with YWAM – a very excellent and life changing experience!


  • our DTS went to South Africa for the outreach portion of the course.  I fell in love with that country.
  • had my passport and camera stolen during our outreach
  • decided to spend 9 more months in South Africa, but first came home to be the maid of honour in Kyle and Steph’s wedding
  • returned to South Africa to be a staff member for another DTS in Jeffreys Bay
  • 5 of us went to Brazil in October for our outreach.  That’s where I met my future husband!  A very, very good month.
  • came back to South Africa, missing that man!


  • spent two months in Durban, South Africa, with Keiko and Tony, doing every kind of ministry possible(that’s what it seemed like anyways!).  An extremely hectic but amazing time.
  • returned to Canada at the end of Feb and spent some time with my parents, figuring out what I should do with my life
  • met a kindred spirit, Allison.  We had a lot of fun together in these months
  • decided to move to the Yukon.  My friend Cole(from the Mews) joined me.  We moved in with Bruce McKay, principal of Denetia school, where I volunteered for a school year
  • Nuni came to Canada in December – REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD!


  • Nuni proposed, January 1st, 12:01am
  • got married in April in Watson Lake, Yukon
  • spent our honeymoon with 100 dogs at Muktuk adventures in Whitehorse
  • had another ceremony and celebration in July in Ontario, a very memorable weekend
  • got a job as secretary of Denetia School in May
  • went WWOOFing (organic farming) on Vancouver Island
  • we adopted our dog, Lucy, from the dog pound


  • Nuni got his work visa in April and permanent residency in November
  • my kindred spirit Allison spent the summer with us.  We worked at a daycare together.  Not my favourite job ever, but I learned a lot.
  • started a swing dancing group in Watson Lake with Jessica – fun!!
  • I got dreads!
  • we spent three months with Steph and Kyle in Guelph, Ontario.  I worked at my favouite online store, well.ca
  • we found out we were pregnant(!!!) on October 23rd
  • after Nuni received his permanent residency, he was free to leave the country again, so we hopped on a plane and flew to Brazil.  It was Nuni’s first time home in two years, to the day.


  • spent Jan and Feb in Brazil – great to get to know Nuni’s family and friends
  • moved back to the Yukon in March.  Nuni got his old job back and we found our own place to rent after living with friends for a month.
  • Shasta Haydon was born on July 14th
  • I adjusted to the amazing and interesting life as a mom
  • I started my own piano teaching business and got another work from home job

Of course, we still have 2013 to go before it really completes the 10 years since I’ve graduated from high school – and if the last nine years are any indication of how this one will go, I am really looking forward to see what adventures will take place.  Thanks for taking the time to read this – I’m glad I could share it with you.  And thanks Lesley for the idea!

I have learned a couple of things from this experience:

1. It’s important to me to document my life with photos, and keep them organized.  I have been much better at that in recent years.

2. It’s important, enjoyable, and sort of therapeutic to reflect on the past.  I highly recommend it!


Today the February Photo Challenge will begin!  Come back soon!


5 thoughts on “ten amazing years

  1. stephadonnelly says:

    Love Love! Kyle and I just realized we had been out of highschool for 10 years. TEN YEARS! This is great, Lindseroo. I love it. Just great. I feel super blessed to have stayed friends with such a lovely lady as you for this long! I’m glad the Lucy-bee photo made it up! xox


    • Lindsay says:

      You know what Steph? As I was writing this, I realized that I wrote “Steph and Kyle” a lot! So I am very happy to have spent so much time with you over the last ten years, even though we have been in different places for most of it! You know what else? We never got a picture of the four of us together in Guelph. I wish we had – so next time we get together, let’s make a point of it!


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