editing is fun

Well hello people!  I am having a very quiet day at home with Shasta.  I’ve been sick with a cold this past weekend, and am just on the verge of getting cabin fever – Friday was the last time I set foot outdoors!  However, it’s -26 today, and I just don’t think it’s the best idea!  Hopefully tomorrow will be warmer!

I’ve been playing around with my camera, though, and that makes things fun and interesting.  I also discovered an excellent video on jaw lines in portraits.  If you are interested in portrait photography, you MUST watch this video.  It’s not only informative and helpful, it is FUNNY!  I think Peter Hurley is now one of my favourite photographers!  Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qe3oJnFtA_k

One thing I am a little frustrated with is the lack of light in our house.  We do have a nice big window in our living room, but the winter sun just doesn’t shine through like I want it to.  I know that I could be getting much better pictures if I had the light – but I don’t.  It may be time to invest in some lighting gear… which I don’t know anything about.

ANYWAYS.  I took a bunch of photos of Shasta on the floor today with the hope that I could do some editing and make it look more “professional” or something.  I am pretty pleased with the results, and wanted to share a bit of the editing process with you.

Here’s the original:


And here’s the edited version:


eh?  What do you think?  I used picmonkey.com to edit.  I obviously changed it to black and white, and I did some edge darkening.  I also did a bit of cross process, and possibly some other functions.  I haven’t done too much editing like this recently, because it takes time.  I guess I got motivated today.

If you have any lighting gear tips for me, I’d love to hear them!   Oh and by the way, this is my 200th post!  Hard to believe!

Have a beautiful day!



9 thoughts on “editing is fun

  1. Vivien Hicks says:

    Hi dear! – with a subject as sweet as Shasta, how could you go wrong! Going to call one day soon to see if we can set up a Skype connection. Have been working hard, and frustrated setting up my new laptop, but it’s finally coming. Hope it’s warming up, our -25’s are leaving us now, too so we understand! Love, Grandma – hugs to Shasta from GG

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Kelly says:

    Found your blog by clicking on Shasta in pinterest. Cool! I use photoshop to edit my pics. I’ll have to check out this picmonkey thingy. LOVED the jawline tutorial. Brilliant!


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