life lately

1. Just a few minutes ago found this lovely mom blog: 71 toes.  The author wrote a really nice post about seven things she does with her family, which I recommend!

2. Even though my kitchen life is happier since I started meal planning, I’ve found myself dreading making the plan – “what are we going to eat THIS week?” so I started writing down what we had for dinner every night on the calendar.  That way, in a month or two, I can just look back and reuse my meal planning ideas.  Also I have decided to put all of my favourite recipes in one place, so I am making a master cookbook.  I’m really excited about it, and I think it will be another way of making meal planning quick and painless!

3. I’ve wanted to share this song with you for a while.  It’s by my friend Billy, who was my co-leader when I went to Brazil on an outreach with YWAM in 2008.  I think it is brilliantly done.  I have always loved Billy’s voice.


4. Two new CDs we have acquired recently are the Curious George soundtrack and the Brazil Playground Putumayo CD.  I bought them for Shasta’s benefit, of course, but I probably am enjoying them even more than he is.  I absolutely LOVE the Curious George soundtrack.  I have not seen the movie, but the songs are awesome and talk about things you want your kids to learn – recycling, sharing, friendship, changing the world.  Jack Johnson wrote and performed most of the songs and they are wonderful.  I’m sure you’d love it even if you don’t have young children.  The Putumayo CD is great too, and is helping me learn more Portuguese.  I listen to a lot of Brazilian music, but this is great because the songs are pretty repetitive and simple(but fun!) so I’m always asking Nuni, “What’s that word?  What does that mean?”  It’s my favourite way to learn a language!

5. Today I made whole wheat biscuits.  I rarely make them but I had a craving.  And they were SO GOOD, especially with butter, jam and cheese.  Perfect for our “afternoon coffee.”



6. Lately I have been really, really excited about photography.  I want to do more of it, so I have decided to do another photo a day challenge in Feb.  I also have three upcoming photo shoots, two of which are contributors to The Most Important Thing project!  I’ve been missing doing portraits of people other than Shasta.  Can’t wait to share the results with you!

7.  I’m reading a book called “Shattered Dreams” by Irene Spencer – a woman who grew up in a polygamous family and then married into one.  It’s a shocking and page-turning read.

8.  On Nuni’s birthday we went to the Policeman’s Ball, which I helped organize as part of my Chamber of Commerce job.  It was a lovely evening, so nice to see everyone dressed up, enjoy a nice meal together, and learn a bit more about the RCMP.  Here’s a photo of my handsome husband and me:



And here’s a few more photos!



I thought this was so cute.

I thought this was so cute.


The backyard: as you can see, we have LOTS of snow here! We had a couple of beautiful sunny days this week, after the snow stopped falling.

she loves being outside.  most dogs do, I suppose!

she loves being outside. though I suppose most dogs do.

I'll end with a baby pic.  Looking particularly adorable I must say.

I’ll end with a baby pic. Looking particularly adorable I must say.

Ta ta for now!


2 thoughts on “life lately

  1. Mary says:

    My solution for the food-planning thing is to have a couple of favourite cookbooks, and then just literally work through the recipes, each week, one after another. Right now I’m doing this with my MCC “Extending the Table”, the rice and pasta chapter of “Joy of Cooking”, and a soup cookbook I got for Christmas. I like that it forces me to try unusual stuff.

    Your biscuits look amazing. In fact, I love all your amazing photos in this post. And your friend Billy has an amazing voice, it’s true.


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