Shasta: Six Months Old!

Half a year already.  Amazing!  I’m gonna get right to the pictures because they are just so, so adorable.  Believe it or not, this was my first shot:


I started singing “A You’re Adorable” right away.  He just LOVES that song!

Here’s a couple more:



I dressed him in one of the two pieces of new clothing we bought for him: a Bob Marley onesie(the other was the Brazil onesie you saw in the Hallowe’en photos)!  He hasn’t worn it all that much because it’s not really weather appropriate… and soon he will be too big for it!  So I wanted to make sure I at least had a photo of him in it.  You can’t really see the whole thing in the pictures above so I took this one:


it’s all about the tongue these days

Here’s the collage… I just LOVE seeing how much he’s changed!  It’s so cool!


A very happy camper, as you can see.  He is extremely vocal – last Sunday in church, he “sang along” with the hymns, and was instantly quiet when we stopped singing!  Pretty funny.  He loves to squeal and scream, which I don’t love, but hey, what can you do?  I try not to give him attention when he does it.  I just keep telling myself that it won’t last forever!  If anyone has any advice on this… I would be glad to hear it!

He’s been eating solid food the last couple of weeks – he’s tried pears and yams so far and he seems to enjoy them.  It’s nice to be able to include him while we are eating a meal.

He is so in love with his Dad.  It is beautiful to see.  His face totally lights up whenever Nuni says hi to him or sings to him.  I am always hearing intense laughter whenever they are together!

He isn’t crawling yet but I’m giving him lots of opportunity to practice.  My hope is that he won’t become frustrated as quickly(resulting in the screaming) when he can move around.  I know it will mean I have to keep a closer watch on him, but… I think I’ll prefer that to the screaming.

Here are a few more pictures from the last few weeks:


I know… reading already.


Morning cuddles with my babies


we brought in a “roll over” expert


Daddy love

That’s all for now… thanks for stopping by!


5 thoughts on “Shasta: Six Months Old!

  1. Sarah B says:

    Lindsay – your baby is so darn lovely. The 3rd guitar case photo is such a Lindsay concentration face! And just look at those cheeks…ahhhh…LOVELY!


  2. Mary says:

    I can hardly believe how much Shasta is doing already. It’s so exciting! I think you’re doing exactly the right thing about the screaming. I mean, maybe there are some less noisy ways of getting your attention that you can encourage? But he’s a baby, so I think no matter what he’s going to scream a bit… until he can talk of course, and then he’ll probably start to argue 🙂


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