Shasta: Five Months Old!

Happy New Year everyone!  We finally got a new computer, and now I can get back to sharing some stories and pictures with you.  Shasta is actually five and a HALF months old now, but I thought you’d still enjoy seeing the photos from his monthly guitar case photo shoot.


as you can see, he’s discovered his tongue!





Some things Shasta learned this month:

-how to roll from front to back

-how to blow raspberries (complete with a spray of saliva)

-how to make a smacking noise with his lips

He absolutely adores his Daddy and laughs and smiles a lot!  He’s a bundle of fun.  He traveled very well when we went to Ontario for Christmas, which was a huge relief!

Here’s our latest “family” picture(minus Lucy… we’re gonna have to work on getting one of the four of us)… and here’s to another great year!

feel the love!

feel the love!


2 thoughts on “Shasta: Five Months Old!

  1. Venessa Hydamacka says:

    What kind if computer did you get? So sad to hear that your hit the bucket. I am lovin the guitar pictures. You look like a very happy family. Cheers and blessings, venessa

    Sent from my iPad


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