life lately

or perhaps I should say “Shasta lately”…

my little pumpkin! and yes, I am aware that he is the cutest baby ever.

a few weeks ago some of the moms got together to do a little photo shoot! It was so much fun. We’re going to try and do it every month.

the babes

from left to right we have Angus, Helena, Kaelan, Sage, and Shasta

Shasta being done with pictures

Daddy time

becoming friends

just another day in our house

look at that smile!

mesmerized by Daddy’s singing


Shasta is four months old today!  Thinking back to his birth, it seems like an eternity ago… I feel like a different person now!  I guess I am, in a sense… I’m a mom!  And I love it!

I’m gonna do the guitar case photos soon!  I can’t wait!  I have the perfect outfit for him!  Stay tuned… 🙂


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