life this week

I listened: to Jon Bryant(particularly love David Livingstone, Nothing, and his stunning version of James Taylor’s Carolina In My Mind) and some more Sophie Madeleine(love The Knitting Song and The Rhythm You Started)

I read: this article and most of its controversial comments about trying to support your family as a person with a creative calling.  Really interesting… I’m still not sure what my opinion is.

I found: a great new food blog called Pinch of Yum.  Fantastic recipes and pictures all neatly organized and categorized.  I found a few recipes there I’m really excited about trying: Champorado(Chocolate Coconut Sticky Rice), Thai Basil Coconut Lentils, and Skinny Garlic Fried Rice.

I made: a very tasty Spaghetti Squash Salad from “The Best 30 Minute Vegetarian Recipes.”  Stay tuned for the recipe, it’s a keeper!

I met: two new babies!  There have been four babies born in Watson Lake so far this summer and we have a little mom group that meets weekly.  See photo below!(I just had the ipod with me so hopefully I’ll get a better shot next week!

Favourite photos:

we have Michelle staying with us for a little while right now and she’s great with babies.

The Watson Lake Summer babies!  From left to right we have Angus, Sage, Shasta, and Calen!  There are a couple more babies due very soon too!

Shasta is getting a little bit more interactive – staring and smiling at us. It’s so cute and a lot of fun. We love him more every day.

see? 🙂

cuddling with my two babies

another thing I did this week was do a photo shoot with some of the youth group. It was fun.

no, I didn’t take this one, though I wish I did! It was one of the photos of the day from

Until next week(or the spaghetti squash recipe), take care!


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