Shasta: One Month Old!

Wooooow!!  The little man is one month old today!  Hard to believe.  Even though my days aren’t usually incredibly eventful, they are really full, and that makes the time go by like that.  This week I did a “newborn” photo shoot because I realized he wouldn’t be a newborn much longer!  Maybe he’s already out of that category, I don’t know!  Anyways, here are my favourite shots from that little experience:

This week my Aunt Nancy came to visit and help out!!  It’s been really nice having her here to share in the fun, food, housework, diapers, etc!  We’ve been going for walks and going on little outings – it’s nice to get out and do something different.  Normally it is very easy to stay in the house for the entire day, but having her here motivates me to get out and enjoy the sunshine!

yay Aunt Nancy!!

He’s still doing great, and he set a new sleeping record this week – nearly 8 hours straight.  I know, I’m blessed!  It’s certainly not every night, but he is generally a very good sleeper.  He’s also getting really good at this:

holding up his head like nobody’s business!

don’t you just want to eat him?? so darn CUTE!


Life is good!  I love being a mommy!


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