Shasta: Week Three

Another week has come and gone and Shasta is three weeks old 🙂  I can imagine my husband rolling his eyes at how I’m counting all of the days and weeks as I did with our wedding anniversaries.  “Happy ten month anniversary!”  I’d say.  He’d refuse to play along – “I can only remember one date – the yearly one!”  I don’t blame him.  And probably after Shasta’s a month old, I’ll switch to monthly “birthdays.”  But I figure you people don’t mind… right? 🙂  Especially when you get to see and hear about the most adorable baby ever!!!!

Now about his name.  I know it’s a little out there, and it’s not everyone’s favourite.  To be honest it’s taken me a bit of getting used to as well, I think since I have never known anyone with this name and never used it before, except to read it in one of the Narnia books, “The Horse and His Boy.”  That’s where Nuni and I first heard of it.  We didn’t really consider it as a first name until about two weeks before he was born.  All of a sudden Nuni just fell in love with it, and I liked it too – it had the qualities we were looking for: unique, and easy to pronounce in both English and Portuguese.  Also it has the bonus of not being a Brazilian or Canadian name, so we didn’t have to “pick” what kind of name to give him.  After he was born, we found out from our friend Bruce that it means “three” in a Native American(I feel bad not being able to specify which one, but Google doesn’t seem to know either) language, which is awesome, since he made our family into three members!  Shasta is also the name of a very spiritual mountain in California.  So you see, lots of lovely reasons… and I think it’s really going to suit him when he’s older.

PLUS I bet the movie version of the book will come out in a few years and then everyone will know where it came from.

Also, people have been wondering about how Lucy(our doggy – and whose name is also inspired by the Narnia books) is doing with Shasta.  The short answer is that she doesn’t seem to notice him or care about him at all.  But I’m betting that will change, for the better, as he grows and starts to crawl!  Soon there will be two little critters on four “legs”!

Here are some favourite shots from the week!

Shasta’s first wedding: congratulations Bruce and Georgina!

sleeping beauties

Nuni discovered that he likes his chest scratched/rubbed! Perhaps he and Lucy have more in common than we think…

Lucy showing only the slightest interest…

Shasta’s first friend, Calen! He and his mommy came over for a visit this week. Calen is six weeks old and was born right after I went to Whitehorse so I got to see him in the hospital when he was just a day old! He’s grown so much!!

just so darn CUTE!

my favourite 🙂 I just love his squishy little face!

“meu macaquinho” – my little monkey!

We’ve had a really good week!  I’ve been feeling a lot better, more like my normal self(emotionally and physically) .  It’s amazing what a little sleep can do.  I’ve learned that I shouldn’t make morning plans in advance – it’s best to wait and see what kind of sleep I’ve had that night!  Even though he’s a very good sleeper, only waking up every 4 hours or so – I’m up for an hour each time, and that makes a significant dent!  I’m so glad I can stay home and nap in the morning(if he naps too of course, which he usually does).

We’re having fun!!  We’re so blessed to have him.  He really is a little bundle of joy.


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