my life this week…

…was definitely a memorable one!  Our first son was born on Saturday, July 14th at 12:19pm.  He was 9lbs, 12oz and 53 cm!  Huge baby!  I had to have a c-section because he wouldn’t fit the normal way!  I didn’t care though because I was so ready to meet him and be finished with labour/pregnancy!  We’re back home now and having such an amazing time.  He is such a little sweetheart.  He sleeps a lot and makes us laugh when he’s awake.  We’ve been learning a lot.  So far I absolutely love being a mommy.  And Nuni is doing an absolutely amazing job as a dad.  There is so much I could write about – the whole birth experience(and how I love epidurals), the wonderful little things Shasta does(like farting and smiling), and how our lives have been changed(busier and more challenging but far richer).  But I’ll just stick with the photos for now!

Here are some of my favourites:


brand new

proud papa

cuddle time with Daddy

bath time! He wasn’t too keen on it at first… but he warmed up to it!

seriously the cutest face ever. it simultaneously breaks my heart and makes me laugh.



I think this is my favourite picture yet. He is just so cute. I love his big brown eyes and round face.

there are few nicer feelings in life than having a sleeping baby on your chest.


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