life in whitehorse

I’ve been in Whitehorse for almost two weeks, and I must say that it has been much more pleasant than I had expected.  It’s like my own little holiday: I don’t have to cook or clean, I can take as many naps as I want, go shopping, go to concerts… it’s actually quite lovely.  At the same time though, I am extremely excited and ready for the baby to come, and I miss being at home with my family and friends.  I am generally feeling very good physically, although my back hurts from time to time.  This baby must be getting big!  Here’s what I’m looking like now:

And here’s a few of the things I’ve been up to!

1. Jessica, my friend and doula, came to Whitehorse last Friday.  We’ve been spending lots of time together and it’s been great.  She’s a really calming, gentle and sweet girl and she basically spoils me rotten by giving me back massages, making me breakfast and helping me with my minimal household chores.  I am so blessed to have her around and I know she is going to be a fantastic help at the birth.

2. As usual, I’ve been spending tons of time on Pinterest and have found some fun things to make and do:

no-sew cardigans! I’ve made three so far, including the one in the baby bump photo. click on picture for tutorial

mod-podging onto canvas! I love mod-podge! This isn’t the one I made but it’s the same idea.  I also made a canvas with some song lyrics that I’m going to put in the baby’s room.  It is preeeetty cute.

3. Whitehorse has some lovely community events, like arts in the park(free concert every noon hour), the fireweed farmer’s market, and free walks about the medicinal and nutritional value of wild plants.  Jessica and I took in each of these this week and had a lovely time.

4. I came across this list of “23 things I think new parents should know” – pretty funny.

5. I started and finished a book called “Remember Me” by Sophie Kinsella which was hilarious and awesome.  Now I’m on to “Rachel’s Holiday” by Marian Keys.

6. I haven’t been baking or cooking anything, but I’ve been eating lots of coconut bliss, asian salad kits(the whole bag), and drinking Numi Rooiboos tea.  I’m also trying basically every restaurant in town and they’ve all been fabulous so far!

7. Favourite song right now: (the harmonies are just gorgeous!)


8. Here are a few cute animal photos just to make you smile:

the cat just looks SO comfy!

awww… now I miss my Lucia

I have decided that I like dogs better than cats, but they can be pretty darn hilarious

this made me laugh out loud for quite some time.


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