prego ladies!

We have a baby boom happening in Watson Lake right now!  Here’s three of us at the highschool grad:

There are at least three other Watson ladies due within the next couple of months as well!

Less than two weeks before my due date!  Eeeeee!  🙂  I’m in Whitehorse now, just waiting for the little bundle to arrive.  I’m staying at a little suite for expectant mothers that is just lovely.  I have my own bedroom, and a shared living room, kitchen and bathroom, but there’s no one else here right now so it’s all mine.  And it’s free!  Which is great.  Staying in a hotel for two weeks would really add up.

Today was my first day by myself, as Nuni left yesterday to go back to Watson.  Though I was a little teary and uncertain yesterday, I felt really good today.  I got to relax, eat, shop, nap and do whatever I wanted.  I’m going to try and enjoy this time as much as I can!  I am really excited to meet the baby, though, of course.  My friend and doula Jessica is coming this weekend and we are going to make some “magic potions” together – aromatherapy type stuff for the birth.  I’m excited to talk about it more and just get ready.  I’ll try to keep you as updated as I can!

Much love to you all!



3 thoughts on “prego ladies!

  1. Gabi says:

    Lindsay!!! ahhh my friend.. thank you so much for your faithful updates- we are all so excited for you here too… YIPEEE!! you are so beautiful and I can only imagine you’ll be the best mamma ever! You’re child doesn’t know what he’s signed up for… but summed in two words “FUN LOVING!”

    Enjoy this very special time my friend..wish i could be there, to bring you flowers and to make potions with you!

    I love you so much….


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