life lately

It’s been a little while since I posted an update.  So many notable things have happened in the last month – let’s see what I can remember!

1. We had absolutely GORGEOUS spring weather on Monday.  I was so warm I put on a skirt, sat on the deck and enjoyed the sunshine.

the baby was enjoying the sunshine too 🙂

2. It snowed all day yesterday and today.  Not cool.

3. I made this welcome sign:

I found the wood on the side of the road, sawed some twigs with a sharp knife, and went to town! Sadly this is not an original idea but I’m still pretty proud of myself for making it, considering it involved a lot of hammering

4. We went to a yard sale last weekend and Nuni found an incredible instrument: a Farfisa electric organ from the 60s/70s in great condition(there was one key stuck but Nuni fixed it).  Nuni has been playing it ever since and it sounds awesome.  And he got it for free.

5. I’m attempting to grow a pineapple.  I found the idea on pinterest.  It only takes two years to grow.  I’m just hoping for a half-decent houseplant since we don’t have any at the moment(although we will be adopting some very soon).

click on photo for instructions on how to grow YOUR very own pineapple

6. I’ve been trying lots of new recipes, as usual.  Yesterday I found yet ANOTHER winner from Kitchen Stewardship – Apple Flax Muffins.  Nuni and I are trying to eat healthier these days and cutting back on wheat and sugar, so these were perfect(they’re grain free).  I also made these granola bars from Simple Organized Living which I think are amazing.  Tonight I am going to try Butternut Spice Bars from my “Smart Sweets ebook.”  I am very excited about this.

7. I’ve been having a few of my students over for dinner every Monday before youth group.  I make a different soup each week – this week’s was lentil, with bacon and carrots in it and it was pretty tasty.  I sent them outside to play in the yard while I got things ready and I noticed how beautiful the kitchen looked with the light coming in the window.  We absolutely love this kitchen window.  Also please note the parsley plant, given to me by a co-worker.  Do you have a parsley plant?   You should get one.  Fresh parsley is absolutely amazing.

8. We acquired and set up the crib!  We are more and more excited to meet our baby every day. (be sure to check out the belleh photos if you haven’t already!)

I hope you’re loving life as much as I am right now!


3 thoughts on “life lately

  1. Mary says:

    That pineapple thing is amazing! I will definitely try it next time I have a pineapple. I think this summer’s urban-farming project is going to be trying to grow potatoes in a sack on our balcony… Also, if you are trying to cut out wheat, maybe we could swap gluten-free recipes? There’s a kid at my church who’s gluten intolerant. Yesterday I tried making cookies with a mix of quinoa and rice flours, and they turned out a bit gritty. I can’t seem to track down xanthan gum, but I thought maybe adding cornstarch would help?


    • Lindsay says:

      sounds good, Mary. There is a blog I like where the woman posts her weekly meals and she doesn’t eat gluten – her website is Also there are all kinds of flours and whatnot that you could try, I haven’t really gotten into them yet because we don’t have them available here, but maybe someday.

      Growing potatoes sounds awesome, you’ll have to tell me how that goes!


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