The Most Important Thing #12: Lara

This is my wonderful friend Lara, who I met in first year of university at MTA(Mount Allison).  We lived in the same residence and had some classes together as well.  In between third and fourth year, we traveled to southern England for the whole summer, where we worked at a pub/restaurant called The Fat Dog.  Lara was living in Vancouver when Nuni and I got married in the Yukon two years ago, and she and her boyfriend Cody drove 24 hours straight to get there.  She is such a great girl, full of life, love, and passion.  I’m so glad I know her, and I’m so glad she is sharing what she believes is the most important thing in life.

I took this photo of Lara a couple of years ago (?) when we were visiting in Vancouver.  We had such a fun little photo shoot around Trout Lake, and we got so many good shots.  Her beautiful face and incredible hair made it easy.  It also helped that she’s someone I know and love, which takes a lot of pressure off for me(though I’ve heard of photographers who would rather shoot strangers… not me).  I love how the light shines on her face in this picture.  Knowing how to photograph in different lighting situations is a true art… often I just get lucky, I think, because I try lots of different poses and places.  Something is bound to work! 🙂

Hope you enjoy, and thanks a lot Lar for sharing.


Age: 26

Nationality: Canadian

Occupation: a little bit of everything, but throughout all of it… I’m a girl, sent on a mission, by God who adores me and adores every single person whom I encounter, everyday. And I am able to love them, because I am loved. So whatever that occupation is, I’m working at it.

Belief System: I feel nowadays I’ve got to give a definition when calling my belief system “Christian”. People have so many ideas of what that means. So I’ll try to define it more: radical love. undying mercy. absolute grace. humility. justice. freedom. purpose. And the One who is all this, Jesus. I am a Christian because I actively, and with every ounce of my heart, soul, mind and strength, love and follow Christ.

What do you believe is the most important thing in life?

To put it in simple terms, love God and love people. Love changes everything. Perfect love. Perfect love has got to be the most important thing because EVERYTHING changes when one encounters perfect love. That kind of love changes the focus of your life, and you view it from an entirely different perspective. Life is now focused by love, instead of work, or money, or things like that. So your daily interactions, that’s now different too because you’re approaching it from a point of being loved, and therefore loving.

Love changes everything it touches to something great, something better. Nothing else does that, so it’s got to be the most important thing.

I guess that’s the way I want to live my life, focused on the most important thing, and from that, flows everything else. And to live that way, to live a life loved by God and loving others, it doesn’t make sense without Him. I like that idea, that I am pursuing living a life that not only makes no sense without God, but that is absolutely impossible without Him.

Lara and I in Spain, during our summer abroad!


One thought on “The Most Important Thing #12: Lara

  1. Mary says:

    Thank you Lara, for articulating that so well! Reading not only made me think “How true”, but also “I want to change my life…”


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