my life this week

1. We started nesting!  We finally found a place to rent(I’m pretty sure it’s the ONLY place in town to rent at the moment).  It’s a cute little house on a quiet street.  It’s walking distance from just about everything, including Nuni’s job, which is a big plus.  We’re still busy moving in/cleaning, and I keep meaning to take pictures, but it’s just not ready yet. 🙂  Stay tuned…

2. Had dinner with friends Rob and Monica.  They taught us a really fun game called Bohnanza, which is all about planting and harvesting different kinds of beans!  I loved it.

3. I made the silky chocolate pie again for dessert at Rob and Monica’s.  This time I decided to substitute the liqueur for coffee because I just felt a tiny bit guilty for consuming alcohol during pregnancy, even though I know it’s not very much and maybe it’s okay because it’s heated.  The result was that it was a little less solid but still delicious.  I also made a raspberry coulis which was a wonderful addition, as I suspected.  To make that I just blended frozen raspberries, a bit of maple syrup and lemon juice.  I found it was a little bit runny though so next time I’ll boil it and see if it thickens up any.  Also I didn’t mention tofu at all and I think that was a good thing 🙂

3. I finished listening to The DaVinci Code in the car which was amazing… I loved the reader, Colin Stilton, he had a different voice and accent for every character which on its own was highly entertaining.  Now I’m listening to some Vinyl Cafe collections I got out from the library.  Also completely wonderful.

4. Played guitar this morning at the sunrise service.  I didn’t actually think I would be able to do it, but I played 3 songs in about -7 degrees!  I know, I’m awesome.

5. Discovered a great new Mom blog on freshly pressed:  She writes so well and has lots of interesting topics.  I’ll definitely be checking it out a lot in the next few months/years!

6. Favourite YouTube video of the week: 

7. Played Cranium with friends last night and had an absolute blast.  So many laughs.

Happy Easter everyone!