a dog pound love story

The Most Important Thing will return next week.  Thanks for your understanding. 🙂

I am writing today to tell you the story of our beloved dog, Lucy, and how she became ours.

Even before we got married, my husband and I were quite certain we wanted a dog – it was only a matter of when.  Here in the Yukon, it’s just about a given that you have a dog, or two, or three.  It’s a part of the culture, whether you want a guard dog, a bear dog, or a cuddly companion.  In the area where we live, puppies are born constantly and there never seem to be enough owners.  You hear a lot of “Oh, I’d take it, but I already have three.”  A very sad fact is that many puppies are abandoned or killed.  Another sad fact is that adolescent dogs are also abandoned because they’ve lost their “cuteness.”  It is because of this that we hoped to be able to adopt a “rescue” from the dog pound.  The Watson Lake dog pound collects stray dogs and puppies, and every once in a while a poster will circulate around town with a picture and a “free to a good home” caption.  In September 2010, we saw one of these posters, advertising a “golden lab puppy.”  Though we weren’t fussy on breeds, I was quite keen on getting a light coloured dog(more photogenic), so we jumped at the chance.  My husband went to the pound to see the puppy and came back with a glowing report.  When he brought me there the next day, I fell in love.  She definitely wasn’t a golden lab, but she was golden, and she was beautiful.  We let her out of her kennel to play and she seemed so excited to meet us and cuddle.  We were looking after some other dogs at the time for friends and decided to wait until they were gone before we brought the new puppy home.  We told Andy the dog catcher that we would be adopting this puppy in a week’s time, and every day we went to visit her and to get acquainted with each another.  We gave her a collar, which she tore to shreds, but Andy gave her another one that she still wears to this day.  We put her on a leash for the first time and brought her in the car, which she seemed apprehensive about – but now she absolutely loves car rides, and doesn’t mind the leash either.

We named her Lucy(Nuni was reading the Chronicles of Narnia at the time) and brought her home.  I knew a little bit about dog training because my mom took our family dog to “Puppy Kindergarten” and found it to be very beneficial.  She sent me her class notes, which I studied intently and began to put into practice.  I also borrowed “How to Raise the Perfect Dog” by Cesar Milan from the library, which was very helpful and informative.  Through careful and consistent training, Lucy really did turn into the perfect dog.  She is extremely intelligent, affectionate, playful yet calm, and has the cutest howl she uses to greet us when we come home.  I know it sounds cliché, but she has brought so much joy into our lives.  We love her a lot and know that the feeling is returned.

I highly, highly recommend adopting a dog from a shelter.  We have no idea what breed she is, though we’ve had many speculations – we just call her a Yukon mix.  I personally think that’s the best kind.

And now for the best part: photos of our favourite furry friend.

her first picture, during one of our "visitations"

on the way to Whitehorse to get shots!

a lover of sticks


not a sled dog

competitive, just like her mommy and daddy

not a fan of dressing up... but she does make a very cute bee

always ready for dropped crumbs

she puts up with a lot

loves to be on the lookout

LOVES snow and leaping in it!

our happy girl

aren't we the luckiest?


3 thoughts on “a dog pound love story

  1. M says:

    Oh my goodness, that picture of Lucy and Nuni in the kitchen is just an entire story captured in a single image, I love it! I just got caught up on reading all your posts, and it’s so wonderful to hear about your life. Love, Mary


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