my life this week

1. Finally made “Silky Chocolate Pie,” a recipe my mom got from the Dr. Oz show.  It’s a no-bake pie made with tofu and it is DELISH!  I think I’m gonna have to write about it in a separate post because it’s definitely one of my new favourite recipes.

2. Borrowed six audio books from the library.  Now I’m reading/listening to about 5 different books at once: One Thousand Gifts, The DaVinci Code, We Bought a Zoo, The Red Tent, and a couple of pregnancy books!  I listen to The DaVinci Code in the car and We Bought a Zoo on walks.  I love music but listening to books is a nice change and I feel slightly more productive – a feeling I enjoy.

3. Had an ultrasound and a doctor’s appointment.  Everything is still looking good!

4. Went for lots of walks with Lucy and took this picture of her that I love:

happiness is snow and a stick

5. Watched a few episodes of a British murder mystery series my friend Sonia likes called “Rosemary and Thyme” – you can watch them all on YouTube

6. Drove to and from Whitehorse all by myself and made two new friends.  Got to eat mango sushi again at Sakura Sushi, my most favourite sushi place in the whole world.

7. Found a nice little “sermon” for expectant mothers:

8. Enjoyed listening to Meaghan Blanchard, a musician from PEI who I met briefly once at the university I went to, Mount Allison.  Actually, I met her at an International Dinner where she performed an original song or two.  I approached her afterwards and told her that whenever she made a CD, I would buy it.  Last year I found out that she’s a makin’ it big as a singer/songwriter and bought her CD on iTunes!

It was a good week!  I’m looking forward to next week when I start teaching piano at Denetia School in Lower Post.  Have a nice weekend! 🙂


4 thoughts on “my life this week

  1. M says:

    Hey Lins,

    Sounds as if you’re doing awesome stuff as usual. I got some new recipes from friends too: one for Simnel Cake, which has an almond paste icing, and one for mincemeat made with real meat, which I might save until Christmas; it looks a bit overwhelming. My friend said the best mincemeat she ever had was made from moose meat, is that something you guys ever get up there?

    Love, Mary


    • Lindsay says:

      Hey Mary! Yes, moose meat is plentiful up here!! I haven’t cooked with it much, though Nuni does sometimes. I think it is best in stews but probably mincemeat pie would be good too.


  2. Kristy says:


    I think it’s funny that you are reading the book (or listening) One Thousand Gifts, I own it, but haven’t read it all. BUT…this week I found an app on my phone that is called 1000 gifts, and it’s based off the book..and you can take a picture or write a text, just as a remembrance of the things we are thankful for!! (and then there is a spot where you can upload it, and so I have been putting it on my facebook)

    Miss you girl…maybe we should have a skype date one day!!
    (do we even have each other on skype??)

    Love ya,

    (Ps – it’s soo good to read your blog and catch up with you!!!)


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