The Most Important Thing #10: Mari

This is my wonderful cousin, Mari!  She also happens to be the daughter of last week’s MIT.  Mari is one of those teenagers that makes me excited about having children.  That might sound weird, but I mean just that – I look at her and think, “See?  It is possible to grow and raise an absolutely amazing person.”  She is probably the most ambitious, mature, intelligent, kind and caring teens I have ever met.  And I know I say this every week but I am THRILLED that she is part of the project!  It’s been really fun asking important people in my life what is important in their lives.  I do want to branch out and ask some random people what they think, I just have to work up the courage!  I am actually quite shy when it comes to taking people’s photos unless I know them very well – I am hoping this project will help me to get past that.

One thing I’ve learned so far in taking portraits is that props are key.  I wouldn’t say they are essential, but they definitely help with producing an interesting photo.  I think it also takes some of the pressure off of the subject – which most people like(and then there are others that love the camera – I need to find more of those people!).  So when I saw Mari’s unicycle beside the door in her house I knew instantly that it would make for a cool shot!  Of course I wanted to do a few different things so we whipped out the guitar as well.  I’m quite pleased with them all.

Thank you Mari!


Age: 18

Nationality: Canadian

Occupation: Student, working at a grocery store at the moment

Belief System: That’s a hard one because I don’t really have one word to sum up my belief system.  I am not part of any religion and I don’t know if I believe in any kind of higher power.  Maybe the universe (I know that sounds very hippie but whatever) if anything.  I often feel spiritual and connected when I am in nature.  I am a strong believer in the power of individuals, community, creativity, peace and love.

What do you believe is the most important thing in life?

I think that the most important thing in life is striving to live the biggest life you can live.  When I say big I mean rich with love, connection and relationships with many people.  People who can support you and who you can learn from.  A big life means caring for other people as well as yourself.  A big life means following your passions and finding ways to do the things you want to do.  A big life means thinking about the world and your role in it.  A big life means not boxing yourself in with judgements or what you “should” be like and instead being fully who you are at all times.  A big life means living the life you choose!

5 thoughts on “The Most Important Thing #10: Mari

  1. M says:

    Wow, I’m kind of equally impressed by the thoughtful answer and the amazing unicycle skills. And the skill of the photographer, as always.

    Love, Mary


    • Lindsay says:

      Thank you my dear Mary. Yes, my cousin has been involved with something called Cirkids for many years now. She has a number of other amazing skills including juggling.

      Sent from my iPod


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