my life this week

1. I’ve spent a good deal of time updating my website this week: check it out and let me know what you think!

2. I’ve been wondering what editing program I’m going to use once picnik is gone next month.  I tried a bunch of different ones recommended here, and my favourite one is called PIXLR(I like pixlr express).  Really easy to use, lots of options and it saves the files right to your computer.

3. Lovin’ these two songs right now:

4. I’ve been trying out some new recipes and the winner so far is Pumpkin Curry Soup, with Sweet Potato Scones.  Nuni loved it and didn’t even complain about there not being any meat.

5. Discovered a new vegetable: edamame beans.  So easy, good, and healthy!

6. We’ve been house sitting for friends and I’ve had the pleasure of going for walks in beautiful weather down a snowmobile trail at the end of their road.  The dogs had a BLAST today – and I did too, watching them tear around and play with a stick!

7. Last but not least: I’ll be starting my 6th month of pregnancy on Saturday!
How’s your week been? 🙂

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