Roadtrip Highlights

As I mentioned in TMIT #5, I went on a roadtrip with Nuni and my father-in-law this past week.  We first traveled to Criciuma and then drove high into the mountains to a little town called Urubici.  We had so much fun seeing different things and taking pictures.  I particularly loved seeing some Brazilian countryside since I’ve spent nearly all of my time here in one busy city(though I did travel to another city once).  Here are some of my favourite pictures from the trip.


The world's largest rodents, "Capivara"! Strange yet cute.

the long and winding road to Urubici

we were lucky to spot these coyotes!


Nuni loves these trees: they exist only in the south of his state, Santa Catarina

I love the colour of these flowers.


the mountains here were just HUGE.


5 thoughts on “Roadtrip Highlights

    • Lindsay says:

      Beth, thanks so much! I just checked out your site and it’s wonderful! I like your thoughts about taking pictures of people who may not have had the chance otherwise. Keep it up 🙂


      • Duoimagery says:

        Aw, thank you so much! Well we got the idea from . A bunch of photographers get together and do pictures of people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to get photos of themselves. 🙂 So I kinda made it the goal of my entire photography instead of just one day. 🙂


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