The Art of Growing Food: Interview with an Organic Farmer

Hello people.   I just came across this post on another blog and thought I’d try the “press this” feature.  I love the idea of organic farming/sustainable living and it is a dream of mine to one day have chickens, goats, and a garden and eat as much of my own food as possible/other locally grown organic food as well.  I especially like the third paragraph in this interview.  If you read nothing else, read this:

There were hundreds of little farms here, and now they just sit as vacant fields. They should be producing vegetables for people to be consuming locally. We need thousands and thousands of farms across the United States growing for local populations. No more of these giant, industrial farms; no more transportation, no petro-fuels. We need food that is grown organically and biodynamically, with an awareness of the cosmos and the blessing that each one of these little living things is. Then, we’re taking food out of the realm of satiating hunger, and we’re putting it in the realm of nourishing the soul– and then we’re back to art again.

Here’s the rest:

The Art of Growing Food: Interview with an Organic Farmer.


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