Getting Crafty

my new little friend

This is a follow-up post to my desperate cry for help last week.  I wanted to let you know that shortly after I wrote about not having anything to do, Nuni took me to a craft store and I bought knitting needles, a crochet hook, and a couple different types of yarn.  And it just so happened that we met a lovely lady named Cris there who told us about a two day course she was holding the next day.  The course was how to decorate a box with a type of patchwork.  It’s something I had never done or even seen before, but hey, something new for me to try!!  Turns out it’s not patchwork at all but it does have something to do with patches of fabric!  There is no sewing involved at all, but rather cutting into styrofoam and pushing material into the cuts.  It was challenging and fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  There were some interesting moments along the way since I only understand about 25% of what is being said to me, but I made it.   I learned the words for glue, cut, press, and no(oh wait, I knew that one already but I sure heard it a lot!).  I don’t think I will make another box because it takes a long time and I’m kind of impatient especially without guidance – but I do think I will attempt to make a journal cover in the near future.

Also, thanks to Youtube, I FINALLY learned how to make a granny square!  It’s not the most beautiful piece of work ever created, but it is definitely a granny square.  I think I need a bigger crochet hook, some more practice, and I’ll be on my way to making a beautiful afghan.

I love Youtube

AND I made a dishcloth ’cause I bought some cotton yarn and I’m not really sure what else you can make with cotton yarn!

I love these colours!

So life is good again.  Coming up soon in my life: my friend Joy and her friend Myrie are coming to visit on Friday for 5 days!!  SO excited!!


3 thoughts on “Getting Crafty

  1. M says:

    Your box is beautiful. Plus I’m so impressed that you went out and did something as complicated as arts and crafts in Portuguese. Can’t wait to see the afghan grow.


  2. Ansku says:

    Hi Lindsay, long time no see! I love your blog! 🙂 How funny – last week I learned to make granny squares as well! I’m trying to make a blanket. 🙂 Hope all’s well, God bless you both!


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