Hi friends!

I thought I’d give you a little update on what’s happening in our lives at the moment.

The most exciting thing is that Nuni and I both have jobs now!  I am working at well.ca, my favourite online store.  I work in the warehouse, getting the orders ready for shipping!  It’s totally new… which my co-workers could probably tell from my first day, when I wore sandals.  I walked in, and my boss said, “Oh, do you have steel-toed shoes?”  Oops.  Well, you live and you learn!  I have steel-toed shoes now that hurt SO much on my first day of wearing them(Tuesday) but felt a bit better the next day.  I am really enjoying meeting new people, being productive and settling into a bit of a routine!

Nuni just got hired this week to do some work at an electronics warehouse – it was just supposed to be temporary but it looks like it may turn into a full time position now, so hurray for that!  It’s just down the road from our house so it’s nice to have that closeness factor.  My job is a half hour bus ride away, another new thing for me, but it’s good to have some quality reading time, and it also helps me to get to know the city a bit more.

Guelph is a great place to be!  At first, when we thought we’d be going to Brazil right away, I didn’t make too much of an effort to get to places and ways to get around… but that changed when we found out that we’d be staying a little longer.  So far we have found some cool spots.  Our favourite is a cafe called “Get Juiced” which has the most amazing panini sandwiches, baklava and of course, freshly squeezed juice.  The guy who owns it is super nice and friendly, and he said he’d love to have Nuni come in and play some time.

Speaking of playing, we have a gig in a nice restaurant I mentioned earlier called Diana Downtown, on November 19th!  It’s for the next Bracelet of Hope fundraiser.  I hope that Nuni will be asked to play in other places after that.  Performing is one of his many gifts!

Of course, you know about Bracelet of Hope now, and that is still something I am enjoying volunteering my time at.  In fact, today I went to do some office work and they asked if I would design a mall display for World AIDS Day(December 1st).  It will take a lot of planning and work but I think it will be fun, and a new experience!

And speaking of new experiences… Steph and Kyle, our housemates, are getting ready to welcome their baby into the world!  It’s been so cool feeling belly kicks and witnessing the pregnancy.  She is almost in her third trimester.  I can’t wait until she’s nine months and HUGE.  She’s a very small person so I think she’s gonna look even more awesome than she does now.

We have been attending Parkview Church, where Kyle is the youth pastor.  It’s a very big church… a LOT bigger than our church in Watson Lake!!  Big and small churches both have their pros and cons.  I like that there is lots going on – we are involved in a young adults’ group where we’re watching a video series by Francis Chan called the “Basic Series.”  It’s really good, and challenging… it’s also nice to be a part of this group so we can get to know other young people.  A con of large churches is that it’s quite a bit less personal.  Few people notice that you’re new on a Sunday because there are just SO many people… and everyone leaves pretty much right after the service, so unless you join a group it is more difficult to make connections.  Another thing I have been enjoying is the sermon series.  They have a number of pastors who take turns preaching and they are all very good.  This month they are focusing on the story of Joseph, and how it’s important to have big dreams for God.  I’ve really been enjoying that.

We had a nice Thanksgiving with my family in Haliburton at my parents’ new cottage.  It is a beautiful spot and the weather was AMAZING.  I took lots of pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So that’s the Müller family news!  And in case you’re wondering about Lucy, she absolutely adores Kyle and Steph, enjoys watching squirrels and tearing around the backyard.

happy girl

Take care of yourselves!


2 thoughts on “update!

  1. Allie says:

    thanks my dear!!! = )
    Your photos are stunning, and it sounds like you’re getting involved in lots of cool things too. I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying getting to know more people, the city, neat shops & places to jam!


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