Anne-Marie Zajdlik, part two

I have a correction to make to my last post.  In it I introduced you to Anne-Marie Zajdlik and told you I hadn’t met her.  Though true at the time of publication, I’m pleased to report that it is not true anymore!

Last night Bracelet of Hope held a fundraising night at a fancy shmancy restaurant called Diana Downtown and I volunteered to help out by selling African Crafts(read more about this here).  As people left at the end of the evening, I spotted a familiar face and soon realized it was Anne-Marie herself.

my new heroine

I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet her, so I grabbed her arm and said, “Hi, are you Anne-Marie?  I’m Lindsay.  I’ve been stalking you online for the last few days.”  Fortunately, Anne-Marie is one of those people who doesn’t think that people like me are psychotic, and we began to have the most wonderful conversation.  Nuni was there too and I’m pretty sure she fell in love with him(it’s something I’m used to, he’s got the Brazilian charm) when he said “it’s my job to keep my wife happy.”

So many things Anne-Marie said made me think, “this is a lady I need to spend time with.”  She was warm, caring, and interested in who we were and what we had to say.  We talked and laughed and had a thoroughly enjoyable time in the twenty minutes or so before she left.  She told us about some of her upcoming goals for the organization and Nuni and I were amazed and encouraged by her faith.  She said that she only had courage because of God, that she took her orders from Him!  Amen, sister.

Needless to say we both feel very blessed to have met this incredible lady, and I’m even happier now that I’ve introduced her to you.

I find it amazing that when you give your time to any worthy cause, you can just about expect to be on the receiving end as well.


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