the moment we’ve been waiting for

A tiny miracle occurred in our lives this past week: Nuni was granted permanent residency in Canada!  It’s actually a bit of a shock – we thought we’d hear from them in January at the very earliest.  And here we are in September with the answer!  It means that Nuni can leave the country and come back again without disturbing the process or having to ask for another entry visa.  It means that he can visit his family and friends and country after almost two years!  It means that he can introduce me as his wife to the important people in his life!  It’s great.  We’re really happy and excited.

As I said when Nuni was granted his work permit, it’s so hopeful for us and for others as well that the immigration system isn’t totally horrible, impossible and loooooooong.  Truly there are cases like that – but we are surely blessed.  Again, if you or someone you know is going through this process and needs a listening ear or some advice, I am available!  It can be overwhelming at first with all the paperwork and horror stories but it IS possible!

Thank you Canada and thank You LORD for this blessing!

muito feliz!



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