I got dreads!

Those of you who know me well know that I love to have adventures.  Generally I like to explore and see new places, meet new people, understand different cultures… but I also like to try out things like crazy hair styles.  This is something that is new with me… I had basically the same hairstyle from the age of 6 – 21.  Then, in 2007, I suddenly broke out of that and shaved my head!

"before" with friends Kathryn, Chris and Eric


after! with my friend Lara who shaved it for me

It was a really cool experience… an adventure for sure!  A lot of girls are scared to shave their head because… well, they probably think they’ll look ugly!  The night I shaved my head, though, I was told I was beautiful more than I ever had been told before!  It was great!

So my hair has grown since then, a LOT… hair actually grows pretty fast, and it’s fun to see it grow back when it’s super short.  You get to have a new adventure every couple of weeks ’cause it changes so much!

Recently, I guess a few months ago, I started thinking about dreads and how it’s an adventure I’d like to have.  The only thing holding me back was “what if I can’t get a job?” but I decided to just do it and not worry about it!  You’re only in your twenties once and in my opinion that is the prime time to get dreads if you are going to get them.  I talked to some people who have them or who have had them and they said things like “they take a lot of maintenance” and so far that has proven to be true, but I think that just natural hair takes a lot of maintenance too, especially washing and drying it!  Then there’s the brushing, the styling, etc… I’m so happy to be done with that!

So anyways, in July I was in Whitehorse for Arts in the Park and I saw a poster that said “Want to get dreads this summer?  We’re dread lovers and can help you out” or something along those lines.  I was surprised because I had been wondering if there was anyone in Whitehorse who could do dreads but wasn’t sure how to find them… I’d resolved that I would wait until going to Vancouver to get them.  So I called up the girls and made an appointment.  I had two separate sessions: the first took 3.5 hours and we didn’t get finished.  The second took 6 hours and there were two girls working on it that time.  They fixed up the ones I had already and finished my whole head.  It was painful, but it was worth it!!  I am learning a lot about people through my hair… it’s so interesting what looks you get from people.  Some people are like, “weird…” and some are like, “rad…” of course I don’t know what people are actually thinking but you can kind of tell from their expressions!  It’s my own little social experiment.

So enough with the talk, here’s some photos!

the first round of dreads...

the second round!

So yay dreads!  If you or someone you love are thinking of getting dreads, I would be happy to answer any questions, or even if you are just curious, ask away!

I would like to finish this post with a song my friend Joy introduced to me when I was getting my head shaved.  It’s a good one, definitely worth your time.


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