eva cassidy

I think that one of the most wonderful gifts God gave to humans is music.  So many styles, so many options, so many instruments… I love it.  I love that no matter how many different artists I can discover, I can always discover more.  Or rediscover.  I recently “rediscovered” Eva Cassidy, whom I’ve liked since the first time I heard Songbird(who didn’t?).  I kind of forgot about her for a little while though, until last week.  I don’t know what made me type her name into the Youtube search box, but I’m so glad I did.  Because she was a spectacular singer and a spectacular lady.  The songs she sings, and the way she sings, just makes me want to cry every time I hear them.  I bought a few on iTunes last week:

1. Know You By Heart – this is my favourite song that she sings, even over Songbird.

2. Over the Rainbow – seriously amazing.

3. Ain’t No Sunshine

4. Fields of Gold

5. You Take My Breath Away – couldn’t actually buy this one on iTunes but it is on Youtube.  A wonderful friend of mine sang it at her wedding and had everyone sobbing(or maybe that was just me… I can be very emotional)

Just do yourself a favour and go listen to these songs!  Make sure you have some kleenex handy…



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