I just love blog-hopping… I find so many amazing things.  Today I went over to Musings of a Housewife, a blog I check daily.  The author, Jo-Lynne, shared some things she’d found.  I checked one of them out: a post by “Free Anissa” on being “pretty.”  If you’ve been reading my posts lately you’ll know that I’ve been thinking a lot about body image and being “pretty” vs “beautiful.”  Anissa has some thoughts on that too and I wanted to share them here.  I don’t know anything about this lady but it seems as if she’s just had a stroke.  Anyways, here’s what she has to say:

why pretty is like pez

Strokes aren’t pretty.

They aren’t.

I’m not.

Now, I can hear you sputtering about how I should find myself beautiful, and I do.

I’m just not PRETTY.

Pretty can fade with time.

Pretty is swallowed by ugliness in your soul

Pretty is like candy.  It’s good, it’s fun, you want some, but it won’t FEED you.

I’m beautiful.

It’s a trait I’m learning to say without feeling that it has to be hidden.

I’m beautiful.

I’m the role model to little girls who are growing up in a world that values the PRETTY, not the BEAUTIFUL.

I’m beautiful.

The part of me that still laughs.  The part of me that cries in frustration, then gets up to try again. The part would rather look ugly, but honest.



Amen.  Then I saw a comment on her post and checked that out, too.  It was a link to a youtube video.  I thought I’d share that as well. *warning: use of f-word once*


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