Review: Icebreaker Clothing

What would you do if a wonderful, expensive clothing company offered you a free product to try and review?  If you answered “do a little happy dance,” we have something in common!

As you may have guessed, this happened to me recently!‘s latest newsletter asked if there were any bloggers who would like to try a product and review it.  I didn’t think my blog had a large enough viewing audience for that, but I put my name in anyways.  I got an answer back within the next couple of days, saying I could pick any icebreaker item I wanted!  Baaaaaaah!  I was very, very excited.

I love because they offer products that are environmentally friendly – and they have free shipping.  They have a wide range of brands, including my fav, Icebreaker.  Most of Icebreaker’s products are made from merino wool, and you can trace each item back to the sheep the wool came from – using the “baacode” on the tag.  Icebreaker’s clothes are pretty expensive, especially for someone like me who does 95% of her clothes shopping at thrift stores.  But –  they’re good quality, they look awesome, feel awesome, and won’t harm the environment when you’re done with them.  Icebreaker was designed around the philosophy of sustainability, using natural fibers, environmental and social ethics, and animal welfare.  I bought a few icebreaker products this year and was very happy with them.  But the shirt I received in the mail today may be my favourite item so far.

It’s a very comfortable and stylish t-shirt with a funky map of the world on it!  It looks and feels great.  When I put it on, Nuni was more enthusiastic than I was.  “That’s a nice shirt!  Wow, it’s really nice!  I want one!”  Unfortunately, they don’t have this specific design for men, but they do have many others that are quite cool.  The t-shirt is $61.46 right now with the exchange rate.  Quite a bit higher than what I pay at the thrift store, but then again this t-shirt will probably last me quite a bit longer.

So check ’em out – if you’re interested in buying clothes that won’t harm your body or the environment, Icebreaker is the brand for you.


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