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Just wanted to tell you about my latest discovery.  We were in Whitehorse last weekend and on a whim I decided to pick up some kale.  I didn’t know what I was going to do with it but I knew it was really good for you.  We spent a month last summer planting it at the farm on Vancouver Island but surprisingly didn’t eat much of it.

I did, however, eat a bag of Adam and Mary’s kale chips.  Adam and Mary lived on the farm we were working at.  They made kale chips and sold them at the farmer’s market every week.  They created different flavours and they were absolutely delicious.  So I guess I did have a small idea of what I might do with the kale – I just didn’t think I could make anything half as good as what Adam and Mary made.

I decided to give it a try though, and I was blown away by their yumminess.  All I did was wash the kale, drain it, and put it on a cookie sheet.  Then I drizzled olive oil over it and shook on some sea salt, put it in the oven for 15 minutes on 375 and they were done.  I couldn’t believe how delicious they were… you should try it.  Kale is really good for you!  Here’s some info on it if you’re interested.

I put a little too much olive oil and salt on them, so go easy.  But they were still delicious and I was so happy when Nuni gave me some of his portion.

Hurray for delicious and nutritious!


2 thoughts on “KALE CHIPS

  1. Karen says:

    Hey Linsday!

    I love kale as well! I can wait to try that kale chip recipe…sounds so interesting! My favourite use is just throwing it into any soup that I am making, especially any kind of bean soup. I wonder if kale would grow well in the Yukon?


    • Lindsay says:

      Hey Karen! I sure hope kale will grow in the Yukon because I planted some yesterday! Although Tor said she tried growing it last year and it didn’t work. Maybe it will be a better year…
      I know you will enjoy the kale chips, they are just delicious.


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